Purse Cookie Jar on HSN's Todays Special! $25

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  1. Hi all,

    I couldn't resist posting this...

    The todays' special on Home Shopping Network is your choice of three designs of a ceramic purse cookie jar filled with David's cookies.

    I've given these as gifts before and they've always been a major hit.

    Cheesy, perhaps, but cute and always appreciated.
  2. it's so cute! my fiance would kill me if I got that.. he'd totally think I've gone overboard.
  3. Here are the other two design choices...

    See, if there are cookies inside, men don't care what the jar looks like :roflmfao:
    246238.jpg 246244.jpg
  4. ha! that is soooo cute! yes that would be a great gift especially for mothers day!
  5. That's so cute! I've never purchased anything from a shopping network but I may consider this for my sister as a Mothers Day Gift. Thanks for posting!