Purse Cleaning

  1. Any suggestion on where I should get my bag cleaned? I am in Japan so it's hard to find a place.

    Where should I never take a bag to be cleaned? Where do you recommend?

    I'm looking to get my Girly Pink reporter bag cleaned. I don't want it messed up. I have a few yellowing spots on it, I think my daughter may have gotten to it, and also around the top where it zips it's just getting dingy.

    Please help!

  2. i cant help you on where to clean your bags in Japan..but dont blame your daughter on yellowing it is unfortunately common with the girly line ..but i am sure you have a lot of Dior boutiques around, if you contact them they should be able to recommend you some good cleaners or maybe do it for you themselves.:okay:
  3. We recommend that the bags be dry cleaned. Ask if they do it. Not all dry cleaners do it
  4. Thanks to the both of you!!!!!! Dry cleaning strikes me though.... I was told not to dry clean them. But seen as how you *Bagsrus* suggested it, I'm guessing it's ok. Considering you have a lot of advice. I will take it to my local dry cleaner and see if they will.

    About the yellow spots? It's common? Can I get rid of them? I have 2 other girly pink bags, and they are older and look wonderful. No spots.

    Considering the Girly Reporter is my absolute favorite, I really really don't want to damage it in any way. So I guess I'm overly cautious. I don't know.

    Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated!