purse/city comparison?

  1. hi everyone!!!:flowers:
    i'm totally obsessed this past week about getting a new bag... i bought my last one last April, and i think it's about time I got a new one... I'm thinking about a blue india in the purse style since i already have a first, city and twiggy and don't want to own the same style twice... what are your thoughts on the purse? how would you describe its capacity and is it closest to the first's, the city's or smth else?? since the handles are quite roomy, do they slide off your shoulders easily?
    if someone has both a purse and a city, could you please post pics? :love: :love:
    thanks everyone!!! :yes:
  2. I love my purse style. I love the cleaner lines of the style....no zipper hanging over the sides. The purse fits perfect on my shoulder, but it can also be held in the crook of my arm ( that sounds funny, crook of my arm, is that right?)
    I have the first style as well. And the purse is huge in comparision. I can fit loads of things in it! I had planned on getting a city as well but I am thinking that the purse style is the perfect fit and I should just get LOTS of more colors in that style!
  3. Here we go. I have both styles and equally love them. The purse might be a bit smaller than the city because it's not as deep but it still can take a lot e.g. paperback book, continental wallet, toilet case, coin purse and glasses case and my breakfast. That's actuylly the same amount as my city but in there it's still some room left whereas the purse is full but not overpacked. the handles do fit easily over my shoulders and they stretch a bit over time and use. The purse will be discontinued after this season so another reason to get one.
    Gaucho 093.jpg balpurse 005.jpg
  4. hi!
    i happen to have both purse and city size and totally love them both.
    the purse has bigger shoulder handle than city.
    but the purse doesn't have extra handle.
    the size of the purse is more similar to the city
    DSCN1280.jpg DSCN1392.JPG
  5. thank you all very much!!! i'm almost sure now that i want a purse... do you happen to have any pic that shows the purse side by side with the city? pretty pleaseeee!!! thank you again!!!!!!!
  6. Here are a couple more SBS pics, one with and one w/o a flash. I like how a bag looks better when the handles are used over the shoulder, so in that respect I prefer the purse/shopper since it fits nicely and doesn't easily slide off since there's no gussett. It also looks less busy without extra things hanging (like a strap and extended zippers). If I need to haul more stuff and the strap is necessary, then the city works. They're both are great bags with alot of space (a smaller laptop fits in both) so you can't go wrong with either but since you have the other styles already, I'd say go for the purse.
    112-1235_IMG.JPG 112-1236_IMG.JPG
  7. My friend just gave me a Purse (we like to share a good thing) it is my 1st bbag :wlae: and I LOVE it! It is very roomy but not too big and works well carried over your arm, in your hand or on your shoulder. The handles are a little uncomfortable on the bare shoulder, though but overall a GREAT bag and I can see how you can become totally ADDICTED to these bags. I heartily recommend it!

    Just one hit and your a Bbag junkie! (I mean that as a good thing!):smile:
  8. Wow, that purse is beautiful! What a luscious color! What is the name of the color? :drool: :drool: You are so lucky to have such beautiful babies!
  9. It's sapin of the F/W 06 season and it's an amazing thick and smushy leather. I was never to fond of green but when I saw the sapin I just knew that will be my one and only green bag.
  10. i LOVE how you wear your purse!! :drool: totally makes me wanna hop on the purse train and get one before they get discontinued :Push:
  11. thanks surfer, great pics!!!!!!
  12. wow, surfer's black purse with silver hardware is making me drool :drool:

  13. thanks girl :P
    it's worth to jump that train :P
  14. I prefer the city...but I think they are both awesome bags.