purse charms

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  1. So where do you all buy yours from?
    I have a purse (Coach) that has a barely noticeable pen mark, one you only see in bright sun as the purse is purple and the ink blue (it was a TJ maxx buy).
    Because of the placement of the stain just under the handle, I think a charm might distract the eye :biggrin:

    I'd love pictures of any unique charms, too


  2. I love charms too! It would probally help draw your eye away from the mark. Here is a couple shots I have. The flower is a coach I think the color goes great with the pink. I have a bunch of different types. Some I get from Coach, Juicy or stores like Claires and Icing.

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  3. Someone should start a business making these. They're very hard to find on the Internet.
  4. pusebling has a few, but this one is the only one i really like.


    Etsy has some, but one would think there would be tons on amazon. Most seem to be very girly and beady, whereas I would like a classier one, if that makes sense. Oh, well, I only need one for this bag. I am sure my collection will grow :biggrin:

    The coach keyring does obscure the pen mark, probably another reason I didn't notice it, but I took it off since it spells out 'coach' (it's a simple leather bag).

    I will post a picture when the heart-angel gets here!