Purse charms for your Mulberry

  1. What do you put on your bag? I keep seeing the lobster/cockroach charm and it is growing on me. Just curious what other ladies put on their bags.

    I have a Coach Yellow disk smiley face that I sometimes put on my Pierotucci, but usually don't put anything on my Mullberrys.
  2. I don't have anything but I like the new cat keyring!
  3. I have the little double photo holder with a turnlock in black on my Annie,really wanting to get a cockroach for Roxy!!!!!! I am kind of thinking of a Paul Smith one for my pink bays,but she's so pretty she may not need any adornments!!
  4. I've got the little leather Ram (I'm an Aries) that was in the first Mulberry animal keyring collection.It's beautifully made and very cute. I used to clip it onto my oak Emmy ( before we parted ways so I could make some dosh for another bag purchase). Since then it's been hanging on my dressing table mirror, but seeing this thread has inspired me to dust it down and find another suitable bag for it ( maybe my Elgin ?)
  5. I really like the mini Bayswaters but I'm not keen on having anything hanging off my bags - especially a small child!
    People keep giving me keyrings as presents and I feel I need to use them so my house keys are now looking like the keys to Wormwood Scrubs! Takes me ages to find the dratted house key in amongst all the keyrings!

  6. :love::love: Me too, love the cat!!!!
  7. I was going to get the chocolate Bayswater keyring to hang off my bronze Bayswater as the colour would go perfectly. However, it occured to me that the keyring would probably scratch some of the bronzing off so that's a no-go :nogood: Oh well, saved me £60 :lol:

    I've got an oak luggage tag hanging off my oak Emmy but I'd like to get one of those photo holder thingies instead.
  8. I was wondering what to put on my Elgin,as it is quite a big plain bag,maybe a leather horse head??
  9. Chaz - It's a shame Paul Smith doesn't do a silk scarf - now that would look gorgeous on your pink bayswater.
  10. How did you hang the photo holder on your bag? I have that and never thought of putting it on my bag.
  11. Paul Smith does a gorgeous silk scarf with the swiggly lines!

    Well, I just looked for it and now can't find it!!!
  12. I have an oak colored turnlock coin holder that I picked up at the summer sample sale to go with my Kensington. And I scored both an oak and a black cat keyring at the December sample sale = two for $60!!!! If you're thinking of getting a cat, go for it. They are so cute!
  13. Restrictier - what a bargain!!!!

    I may have to call tomorrow on that one!! Mulberry US has 30% more off in the sale according to the email I received today from Atlantic City!!
  14. I love the range of key rings and hanging charms they have on the Mulberry website :heart: especially the cat, sausage dog, heart and letters !!!

  15. Not so plain Jane had a scarf on her oak bays,and that did look lovely,Riff that is a fab idea,I think Paul Smith,especially if you find one with predominantly pink swirls looks really pretty with Pinky!!

    Zooba,I hung the little turnlock holder on the side strap of Annie,it 'holds' the bag closed and creates a natural fold where the keyring sits in,took me a couple of goes to make it sit right,I kept putting it on so it turned over and faced backwards!!
    But its quite easy on the Annie as the side strap undoes,you don't have to mess about with the ring on the keyring,and as its all leather,it won't scratch the bag.

    I just need to put pics in it now!!