Purse challenge: what cross-body style?

  1. I need a cross-body bag. Something for everyday. Needs to be funky cool (which I wish I was!) must stand up to the playground and be big enough to stuff a toddler's snack and sweater into it.

    Must not stain easily or be too delicate. Under $1000. I like all brands.

    I have been looking EVERYWHERE....HELP!!!!!!
  2. Ooo, definitely watching this thread! No suggestions, just wanting to get this info too!
  3. The Gryson Josey can be cross body if you use the longer strap. I know that Rarechic.com is having a 25% off code today and tomorrow that you can use towards it (Fall25). http://www.rarechic.com/artist_view.php?id=5
    Josey-Blk-307web-55676.jpg Josey-Blue-Fr307web-70703.jpg
  4. That's a really cute bag! I love the blue. Anyone have this? I am tall (5'10") so I wonder about the strap being long enough for me???
  5. I have my eye on the Tano Mona Lethal for this very purpose...

  6. It is beautiful, greenpixie.
  7. waiting for this info also!!!
  8. Louis Vuitton bosphore or pochette melville! Light-weight, practical and very easy to use. Et plus, it's a Louis Vuitton! :yahoo:
  9. The Marc Jacobs 'Swifty' bag could solve your problem... though i'm not sure whether it goes well across the body, you could hold all your everyday things and a child's sweater in it.


    you can see more views here.

    Also, (though i'm not such a big fan of this line) Coach came out with the new Bleecker line that has a variety of colourful leather and canvas across the body bags.
  10. I find I need to be carefull with cross-body bags. If they are too big or big enough, I find them bulky, painful, and uncomfortable wearing across the body. The really small ones are great, but I can't fit everything in them.
  11. I found a great crossbody bag when traveling to Europe this summer. I saw a woman wearing it on the high-speed rail and stared at it until I could see the brand.

    It's an Oilily bag, and the colors are beautiful, European funky style and extremely durable. The style I bought is great crossbody and fits clothes, snacks, etc with ease.

    Also, I got DRENCHED at Sea World with it and the thing dried in an hour with no ill effects. It's one of my favorites! www.oilily-world.com.
  12. The flatter the bag the better b/c a bulky bag will do one of two things either bulk up your middle/hip area or make you look a tad bit frumpy or do both. Plus with a fuller bulk style bag you will have to plan your attire a little bit more to ensure that what you wear doesn't ride or clump ( your lines will be out-of-wack and that has never been appealing).

    Go Flatter in any color (that appeals to you and works with what you have-attitude, clothing, etc.)!!!!

  13. I'm 5'8" and the long strap is very long on me, so I would imagine that it would be long on you as well.

    The Anna Corinna City Tote might work as well for you if you were to fold the bag and use the strap: http://www.stevenalan.com/shop/customer/product.php?productid=17964&cat=564. Although, your height could make this strap too short.
  14. Here's a pic of the bag--it has a hot pink lining, and it does lay quite flat on my hip. I don't feel like it gets in my way at all, and I've had about 10 people stop me and ask me about it since I purchased it. Good luck!:p