Purse-buying Standards

  1. Would you carry anything but leather? Do your purse brands/buying standards keep increasing? Would you carry this purse for $95? How about the smaller version for $75?

    What if you found out it was made of tire rubber? Does it appeal to you now? Aren't you into recycled rubber from your friend's (who are carrying Fendi bags) old tires?

    Somehow this freaked me out even though it is for a good cause. Also I got kind of freaked out reading about the expensive--but on sale--luxurious, Bambi-skin purse at such and such store. It doesn't matter that I've been wearing leather on my feet and back since I could walk. I don't know. Oh, and eating ground up muscle fiber. Not that any of that has stopped me from wanting. :p
  2. I wouldn't carry those particular bags, because I don't like them very much, but I certainly would (and do) carry non-leather bags. :yes:

    I really like ultrasuede, satin and velvet bags and would even consider a rubber bag, if I liked it.

    I only wear by-products of the meat industry and will not wear skins from animals that have been killed in a particularly cruel way to preserve their skins (i.e. most fur and exotics).

    If you feel bad about animals, you should definitely avoid fur and exotics, but there is probably not much point in avoiding deerskin as the animals will have been killed for their meat (or as a 'waste product' of meat production), anyway. :sad:

    Actually, I once had a pair of black soft rubber shoes, when I was about 12 or 13, from a really cool Italian shoe store called Bertie's and I loved them! They were really good-looking and comfortable and even though they were about 3" high, they gave (and bounced!) as you walked! :nuts:

    I'd definitely consider another pair of those! :biggrin:
  3. I wouldn't carry them either because personally they aren't my style. But I do carry non leather purses as well, Denim, nylon and satin.
  4. Yup, if I like it, I will wear it!!!!
  5. I wouldn't carry that bag - mainly because I don't like the shape and design. To me, it is important that the handbag is good quality and made out of good materials that will last for a long time and will not deteriorate lightly.

    The smell of the handbag is also very important to me. I love the smell of a nice leather! I don't only buy leather bags...I also buy cloth and canvas bags.
  6. I just can't seem to look at anything but leather......not canvas, not straw, not fabric......just leather. Can't help it.
  7. I only carry leather. I tried to carry a tapestry-type bag once, but I couldn't get used to it. I doubt I would buy a handbag under $100 - I just don't feel the quality is there for that price...

    Have no problems with leather - I figure the animal wasn't killed for my handbag or shoes, but is a byproduct from some other process. Somebody's got to use it. Now, if I know the leather is from an animal that was killed only for that use - I'd not buy it.
  8. I can't say that I have a preference, even though I don't have any leather bags... I just haven't found one that I like and/or that I'm willing to spend the money for (don't get me started on the Tod's I saw at the Rack... I was tempted but couldn't rationalize spending that much on a bag).

    I have a Matt & Nat Jorga Fox and it's made of PVC, but looks and feels (and smells!) just like leather. Most of my bags seems to be more canvas-y than anything else. I'm not very chic!
  9. I buy all kinds...actually the strangest bag I have is made from a license plate and the ends are the center of hubcaps with a rubber shoulder strap. It gets lots of looks and comments just like my Speedy Grafitti does.
  10. Luv2.....I saw a bag that was very similar to that one in St. Armond's Circle in Sarasota (can't remember the name of the shop), but it was really eye-catching, to say the least......:yes:
  11. i only wear leather, i dont' even like nylon bags or canvas bags. i generally think bags under $300 (original MSP) is questionable in terms of quality. but great bags on sale under $300 is excellent news for me
  12. I wouldn't carry those bags simply because I don't like the style. Price means nothing if I like it. I have just as many $20 bags as I do others. Just last week I went to an amusement park with my family and my XO's bag that was bought for me by my 7 year old for Mother's Day. :yes: He knew I liked them because I had bought one for myself in the past.
  13. Price isn't everything. I like leather...ALOT! I do have a couple of handbags from BR and Express still because I like them. Haven't bought a bag that was under $300 in the past year though.
  14. I really prefer leather for the feel and smell. When i got an al lleather coach not long ago all i could do for days every time io passed it hanging on my door was sniff it LOL
    I too have denim, canvas w/leather trim...and suede though i consider that leather LOL It's about the look, the feel and function for me :smile: