Purse Brite lighted purse organizer

  1. Has anyone seen this or owned one? For $9.99 (and I think I have a 20% off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond), I'm thinking of checking it out (they have in stores)

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]Enlarge image[​IMG][​IMG]As Seen On TV Purse Brite Lighted Purse Organizer

    Put a stop to laboriously digging through your cluttered, over-stuffed bags with the Purse Brite Purse Organizer! Whether you are using it in a handbag, diaper bag or gym bag, it puts everything you need from keys and makeup to wallets and brushes right at your fingertips. Over 10 pockets neatly organize all your personal items while a beautiful camel checkered pattern and faux suede pockets and trim make it an attractive addition to any bag. And as an added bonus, you'll also get a Purse Brite Light! Measures 27" x 4.25" unfolded and 10.5" x 4.25" folded.
  2. I've been wondering the same thing. Just got my 20% coupon today & was thinking I would just go grab it & see. I can always return it.
  3. Just what I was thinking...of course, I left the coupon at home...always think I won't use them and then when I want to, don't have them on me...I'll probably go tomorrow...may as well save $2
  4. I have one, but I think if you are serious about using it as a bag organizer (as opposed to support for a less structured bag), I would invest in a purseket instead (or even one made from an etsy seller)...this one is pretty short and the pockets are not very useful (some shallow, some spaced close together). Still, it gets the basic job done for me; I don't have a ton of small items and it does add structure to my HH Mercer, and other shallow, slouchy bags....
  5. The reason I was interested is not for unstructured bags but more to make changing bags quicker. It seems like you're saying this one may be kind of mickey mouse compared to pursket or chamelion? I'm reluctant to get something online because I like the idea of being able to easily return it if it's not useful to me. But on the other hand if this one for $10 isn't good, ....well, guess I'll have a look at it anyway...thanks for the advice
  6. Yes, "mickey mouse" is a good description! If you are truly looking for a functional organizer, stick with purseket, chameleon, or higher-end organizer!
  7. $10?? Bargain!
  8. *Bump*

    We just got a "As Seen on TV" store in my mall and I saw this I think it was only $9.99. I'm half tempted to buy one b/c I saw it in a Fingerhut catalog.
  9. I have one, I got it quite a while ago. I agree that it probably isn't as nice or a large as some of the other organizers, but it is definitely worth $10. I think I paid more than that because it was quite some time ago that I got mine. The light is nice especially for inside my Mono Speedy ( which can be a black hole). It really helps to find what you're looking for inside the bag.
  10. I have this, but only because I received it as a gift. It may not be super stylish, but it does the job of holding my small items (lip glosses, supermarket coupons, nail files, etc.) together and making purse switching easy. Also, the light does come in handy. I use a Coach wristlet to hold larger coupons (like the Bed, Bath, Beyond ones) and then I just have my Coach checkbook wallet, and a make-up bag. I put the purse bright around these three items, and I'm good to go.