Purse, box or first?

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  1. I was thinking of buying a rouge bag but I don't really want the city. Normally, I think the first is too small but I think in rouge, it would be really nice as a punch of color. I have a box already but I love the rouge box pics I have seen. I have never even seen a purse and knowing that it is being discontinued makes it something to consider.The purse is bigger than the first, right?

    Anyone have any thoughts on style? I would probably like it for casual (which is most of my life) but an occasional dressier event. (Just out to a nice restaurant or something).
  2. The purse and the city are more similar in size. The first and the box are the smaller ones.
    I think the purse being discontinued might be a rumor- I know that the Fall 06 all had the purse style. I saw an ink purse the other day at NMs in Houston.
  3. So it sounds like the purse will be too big. Hmm..that's funny that the NM had anything in ink. I was told they were sold out of ALL ink. I wonder if any store might still have an ink city.
  4. The purse & box are both discontinued for S/S '07 so these '06 colors are it, girls.

    I have the Rouge Vif Purse and it's lovely, you can see a pics of me with it here (http://forum.purseblog.com/740703-post100.html) I'm 5' 2"

    The Box in Rouge Vif is also beautiful and fits a lot more than the first without being longer or wider however you look at it.
  5. ohwow. I really thought that was a nasty rumor, Rock Steady.
    That is no bueno!!! I LOVE the purse, its my favorite style!!!!!
    Then yeah, maybe you should go for the purse style, Allisonfaye.
    I orginally bought the first because I thought the city and purse would be too big. Then the first seemed to be too small for me. The purse that i have is a PERFECT size.
  6. from the pics Rocksteady posted I think the purse might be too big for what you want. I think the first would be great for a dinner out dressy or casual and it's such a cute size for a splash of color. But you know well how much a love the box but I don't think you can go wrong their either.
  7. i love the Purse style, and it really isn't that big, but so verstaile if you did want to put more things in it. if you have a box already, i would vote for the Purse
  8. if the first is too small , i'd say go for the box

    i'm not a big fan of the purse :smile:
  9. I tried the rouge vif box and first in the Bal store two days ago. I would say the box is closer to the First size. Nice casual bag IMO. But definitely not for dressier events. I think the First would be more suitable for an occasional dressy night out. I am not a Purse fan.

    I would choose the First in rouge vif myself if i wasn't wanting a black first.

  10. Totally agree!
  11. I would say PURSE!
  12. Purse if you can still get it - it's a great size and more feminine than the City. I prefer it over the City and the Box actually.
  13. Purse for me too...in fact, will start a collection.
  14. Purse would be great in Rouge so it would be my 1rst choice...and then the First ...
  15. First choice- FIRST
    2nd Choice- PURSE