Purse Blog Slogan Contest Finalists - Come and VOTE!

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Which slogan do you like best?

  1. "You should be looking at my bag" by ayla

  2. "Yes, mine are real, how about yours?" by LondonBrat

  3. "PurseBlog - fashionably unreasonable" by SwankyMamaof3

  4. "Purse Lover. Beurs Minnaar. Bourse Amoureux. Monedero Amante." by BagLady14

  5. "Dude, where's my Gaucho?" by pseub

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. [​IMG]

    First of all apologies for taking so long with picking the final 5, we've been incredibly busy and haven't gotten around to work through the endless number of entries until this weekend. But the wait was worth it, we've had some really funny entries since the contest was posted, five of which will need YOUR vote to get a chance to be printed on our PB tees in the soon future.

    The Finalists:
    • "You should be looking at my bag" - across the chest. by ayla
    • "Yes, mine are real, how about yours?" by LondonBrat
    • "PurseBlog - fashionably unreasonable" by SwankyMamaof3
    • "Purse Lover. Beurs Minnaar. Bourse Amoureux. Monedero Amante." - Purse Lover in many languages. by BagLady14
    • "Dude, where's my Gaucho?" - with a silhouette of a Gaucho below. by pseub
    Thanks for the countless entries, they had us laughing a lot! Now it's your job to vote for the best slogan. Every vote counts, only one vote per member is possible. :idea:

    Thanks again to Kristy from LaNeigePurse for sponsoring this event with her playful Mignon leather pouch.

    Good luck to the contestants, may the best one win! :nuts:
  2. P.S. The poll will end in one week, on February 12th. Get votin'!
  3. They're all funny :lol: :lol: :lol: It'll be hard to pick just one!
  4. Okay I am ready to vote! Where do I give vote? Here?
  5. Never mind. I see it!! Sorry..
  6. Aww I can't believe I forgot to send in my slogan. The ones here are great tho! I was going to recommend, "Mean Purse Game"
  7. Good luck everyone, these are hilairous ! :lol:
  8. haha that one "yes mine are real, are yours?" wasn't as funny until i realized they're going on a tshirt.. that's even funnier! but guys can't wear that. :sad: lol.
  9. I'll buy them all! But if I had to pick one, this would be it:
    "Yes, mine are real, how about yours?" by LondonBrat
  10. I can't wear that one ^^^ because mine aren't real (if you know what I mean) - I already have the "yes, they're fake" shirt - and no one would understand that this shirt was about purses and not ta-ta's.
  11. hehehe, FUNNY!!!!
  12. HAHAHAAA! Theyre ALL hilarious!
    (how proud am I for making the short-list? :shame: )

    Goodluck everyone!
  13. Man!!!!! That was harder than I thought!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to the gals that made it this far and I can see why they did!:P :P
  14. Wow these are all great. All of them are winners!:biggrin:
  15. Come on #3 !!!!!!!!!!