Purse Blog interviews Ben Harnett

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  1. We had an amazing interview with Ben Harnett of Hayden Harnett this past November. We finally got to posting it, hope you all LOVE it!!!!!

    Purse Blog interviews Ben Harnett
  2. Great interview!
  3. hh-athena-sac-tote-119x180.jpg

    Me Likey!
  4. I think we may have more pictures to add.. I will see what Vlad says!
  5. I love the color of the Wyeth hobo on the third page-- dreamy :love:
  6. FANTASTIC interview Megs! Thanks so much for it....what a fantastic couple and company.
  7. I just finished reading the whole interview and I thought it was great! Great interview Megs and Vlad : ) And keep up the good work Ben and Toni! We :heart: you!
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    "I just really like mechanical pencils. I love how they produce a nice, crisp line and I love the technology behind them. The idea that you can dump those little bits of lead into the pencil and it is guided to where it needs to be. But for me, I just like that they have a sharp predictable line."

    :love: I think I'm in love. :love: J/k

    Ben, I've always been partial to Mechanical Pencils too. Yay!
    I didn't know they got married.

    "Yeah, she took a picture of it, we made a print and part of the Target collection has that print on it. So, if you see the Target collection, it is basically a view from our kitchen looking at the fig tree."


    bespoke bags. Huh?
  9. Lovely article! Thanks so much MEGS! I love them! I can't wait for the Wyeth in Grey! DROOL-O-LICIOUS!
  10. Wonderful interview.

    And I agree - the Wyeth Hobo in grey is a totally different handbag ... wowza. I can see that in the OMG Closet...
  11. Great read! And I am officially even more in love with the Athena sac than I was before... I didn't think that was possible!
  12. Great interview. I think I'd like to work there. ;)
  13. We should start a petition for HH to hire all of us as consultants!
  14. See? Now you can see why I'm all fired up about the Wyeth tote in grey!

    Megs and Vlad, thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys asked so many of the questions that we all had requested.

    Terrific interview!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  15. I want this Athena Sac in black! I love the Havana hobo and RM's Nikki but have been wishing for a bag with the best features of both -- the longer strap of the Havana and easier to get into and out of like the Nikki. This style looks like it has the potential to be my perfect black bag!