Purse Blog Christmas Contest

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Mar 16, 1980
It's Purse Blog Xmas Contest Time!

As you may have noticed from the PurseBlog's front page, it's contest time!!! Many, many thanks and props over to Kristy at LaNeige Purse, who was kind enough to sponsor the next few week's contests that we'll be having on our handbag fetishist site. :nuts:

This week we'll be giving away one LaNeige Princess Wait Purse in Moss Green and one LaNeige Countess in Baby Boy Blue. Learn more about the designs right here! Unfortunately, Megs' digital camera was stolen a few weeks ago when robbers raided her parent's place (shucks!) - but we can all trust her when she says that the purses are super cute!

Here's this week's rules:
  • Pick a number from 1 through 1000 and post it in this thread!
  • This contest ends on Friday, December 23rd at 6pm EST! No entries after this time are valid.
  • Any registered member is eligible, minimum post count not required!
  • Feel free to register if you haven't yet!
  • Once entered, no editing of your number allowed!
  • The closest number to the one we have already picked (without going over) wins!
  • If there is two people who entered the same winning number, the person who posted it first wins!
The person with the winning number gets to pick her bag, the other bag will go to a random person who entered a number in this thread. So here you go ladies, plenty of chance to get winning... good luck to ya'll!!! :amuse:

Thanks again to Kristy at LaNeige Purse :love:
Not open for further replies.