Purse Bans don't apply at Christmas

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  1. Hubby was very very nice to me. Went Purse browsing with me and said it didn't count towards my Purse Ban. SOOOOO....I finally got a Blue Balenciaga Twiggy. I got it used and will send it to Barb at LovinMy Bags for a restoration, and then after much deliberation I decided to list my Plum HH Lorca on Ebay and then went and bought a Hayden Harnett Hudson Hobo in Smoke Blue. That was kind of precipitated my Hubby openng my Lorca to gte something and EVERYTHING falling out. He announced I needed a bigger bag. So...I appeased him.

    Anyone have some IRL pics of the hudson Hobo? I don't think it has the same soft leather as the Lorca but I do love it anyway. And no tassle....tsk tsk.
  2. Congrats!!

    Pics of the twiggy soon??
  3. Congrats! I'm so very envious of your Twiggy (I also agree with vickitoria - would love pics if you ever have time)!

    Loving My Bags is amazing! I sent them a bag that had an ink stain on it and they restored it perfectly and Barbara is a sweetheart!

    There is something about this time of year that we on bans, official or not, should be thankful for. Even though I'm trying to cool it right now with the bags, my husband had no problem with me buying one when we went to the outlets Christmas Eve . . . of course, I had already convinced him to buy two pairs of shoes for himself at that point . . .

    Anyway, congrats again and please post pics when/if you can!
  4. I'll wait until I get it back all fixed up. It's Navy Bleu and a beauty.
    Hubby also just saw the Gryson Tate and said it was the neatest bag he's seen in awhile and since some nice PFer gave me the Toutie code for 20% off I got it at Active Endeavors for 640 instead of 800. I decided to go for it because I've only seen it in like 2 sites (and I've searched everywhere) and nowhere on sale.
    I agree about Barbara at LMB's. She restored my Botkier Bombay satchel after a big coffee stain. So I have great hope she'll put a nice bandaid on the twiggy.
  5. lexie..... congrats on the twiggy....
    Yay... you are addicted to balenciaga now, huh?
  6. My Purse Ban (if I were ever to really have one) is worst/most enforcing at Xmas-time.

    I bought a few (okay - a whole bunch) in early December, then went broke from all that and presents - now I'm getting my Paddy and I'm in a true purse ban until mid-January when I can start selling on eBay. I'm gone on vaca until the 7th.
  7. Yes, Me_Love_Purse. I am hooked. And it all started a short time ago when I bought a couple of Besso Bags. I now know the obvious difference. I am such a lover of good leather and there is nothing that looks or feels better than a Balenciaga. I am glad I got the First and the Twiggy. These are the perfect sizes for my everyday use. I hate the look of a huge bag with hardly anything in it. I won't be a huge collector of them though. I am pretty dull when it comes to color so I stick to neutrals and I do so love my Koobas and Botkier and IF bags still. And there is one thing I don't care for as far as B-bags go. I like a more substantial zipper pull than a tassle.
  8. Huahahahahahha:devil: (evil laugh).
    Welcome to the dark side of Balenciaga addiction.....
  9. Congratulation.
  10. Congrats on the new purchases. I'm happy to know I'm not the only person whose husband has imposed a purse/shoe ban.

    Mine is more of a quota...but the new year starts in less than a week :smile: He did lift the ban and buy me a mid-range purse for Christmas though---did a good job picking it out himself too.
  11. congrats on the new bag! I have your Plum Lorca on watch... it's such a yummy color!