Purse Bans- does anyone stick to them- HOW?

  1. I have bought 5 MJs and 1 Chloe since March- my birthday was coming up and to keep my mind off of it, i decided i need new designer bags and now I feel like im OUT OF CONTROL!! Sure, I say I'm on a ban and then a good deal comes up- How could I pass it up? :shrugs: But I do have to say- the compliments feel great! :shame:
    By the way these are the bags I bought:
    Spring 2007 Ivory Stam
    Fall 2005 Taupe Stam (55% off from BG.com)
    Spring 2006 Black Mia (half off from NM.com)
    Just ordered:
    Quilted Elise Topaz- from thepursestore.com on Friday with the 30% code
    Hazelnut quilted multi(half off at NM.com)
    oh and i bought a Chloe Silverado Medium hobo in Chamois at half off at NM.com in March too- SIGH
    OK now that I vented- (and admitted my sins- i feel like im at Purseaholics Anonymous) I feel better!
  2. Wait- I forgot to mention my wallets! MJ quilted Ursula (i think thats the name) in midnight from Eluxury
    Chloe metalic paddington continental wallet in Gold from NM
    and a Fendi from bluefly
    How sick am I?
  3. :shocked: That is impressive...I do stick to my purse bans usually by just not looking at the bags so I won't feel tempted and not going on any shopping sprees until I have the money.
  4. I've also found doing other things to distract myself to work quite well.
  5. so long as you can pay for it, and i don't mean all credit, then why not.
  6. As one insightful pfer has as her signature, purse bans don't work. I did a small purse ban over the holidays and as soon as I was done, I binged and bought a boatload of bags. I think it's best to avoid the bans, and just limit yourself to maybe 1 bag every month or two.

    I'd also say during my ban, I missed out on some really excellent sales and that regret made me take advantage of more sales than I should have.

    Bottom line, don't do the ban! Just buy in moderation.

    p.s. I'm really not that bad... I do sell some bags here and there to make up costs for the new ones coming in.
  7. Nah, it didn't work. It worked a little bit but I think, not to discourage, I could stop buying purse when I stopped logging in on tpf for a while. There was a time when I was on hiatus mode from here. It's just so hard not to buy a handbag when ALL the people here are talking about the one thing I'm not supposed to buy :p.

    I'm trying the moderation but don't really work either sometimes. Aahh...I need to go to rehab. Maybe after I get my 90 days chip, I will buy one.
  8. LOL I think you are sooooo right- I was on vacation for 2 weeks- without thinking of shopping -but, after being back on TPF for a week It was back to buying!! And I LOVE it here!! I couldnt imagine not logging in! I have to learn more self control so I can read about others nice new bags and enjoy it without thinking I NEED IT NOW! What really saved me was NM and BG pulling off premier designer sales....there are only so many saved links-theyre going to run out- I just keep wondering about all those marc jacobs returns that we dont even know are available at HALF PRICE!!
    Thanks everyone for being here and understanding me!!
  9. LOL! I'm on a ban until my cc is paid off - I put myself on bans, but they always have an end date. I do stick to my bans, because I know when they will end - my current one will be over in a couple weeks.

    It doesnt include accessories though...just bags.
  10. sneaakkkkyy!!

    I did the same though, haha...I still go shopping for clothes and shoes.
  11. I have to admit, the best way for me to stick to my purse ban is, GULP, to avoid the PF. That's why I've been posting less lately. I find that the more I'm on the PF, the harder it is. I just stick to the MJ subforum and non-purse-related subforums.
  12. I agree 100%! If I want to avoid buying purses, I just don't visit TPF!!
    Also, I never buy anything on credit, which helps with the spending. I am deathly afraid of credit card debt, so I always save up before I buy anything, and never buy anything I can't afford!
    I've just heard too many horror stories...:wtf:
  13. i know purse bans would definitely not work on me, so i won't even try to impose one on myself. as a matter of fact, i think i'm going to buy another bag to congratulate myself for being so self aware! just kidding.
  14. Purse bans DON'T WORK!!! In the last two weeks I have bought 3 bags (chloe, MJ, & LV) and I put myself on ban back in march. Its true logging onto tpf gets me in trouble but I'm addicted. I don't use credit to make my purchases but now it's getting to the point where I'm tempted to use it. I just can't seem to stop myself. I told this to my friend and she laughed:shrugs:. I really believe I have a problem!
  15. haha...you're hilarious :roflmfao: