purse ban??

  1. So I have been dreaming of a Fendi Spy for EVER. :girlsigh: However, hubby is totally against this bag. His opinion is that it is ugly (he likened it to an alien baby). Therefore he has banned me from owning one - stating that he would not allow one in the house. He is on an LV kick right now - but thats okay too because so am I. :P

    Do any of you have SOs that have "banned" you from owning a specific bag. If so what reason did they provide? Price? Looks? etc...:flowers:
  2. This is how it goes in my house:
    Me: Honey, come look at this bag, isn't it beautiful? :love: (<describes my tone of voice)

    Him: Looks like a purse, to me. :shrugs: (<describes his tone of voice)

    Me: Don't you like it?

    Him: Whatever.

    My husbands attitude is that if I like it, I should go ahead and get it. He would not "ban" me from buying a purse for two reasons: 1-he doesn't care, and 2-it's just a purse, and if it makes me happy, then great.
  3. My SO has joked about banning me from bags, from this forum, and when I told him about the midwest meetup he "forbade" me to attend. But, he also knows that I'm a grownup and ultimately responsible for what I do with my time and money. So, he feels he can give me a hard time, because we both know he can't ever really prevent me from doing anything.
    That said, if you're not using his money to buy the bag, he's in no position to ban your ownership of it. If you don't live together, you could be polite and just not take it to his house. Just a thought.
  4. Definitely would be using his money. I cant save money if my life depended on it so I need him for the larger purchases. ;) More importantly I just wouldnt want to wear a bag that he found unattractive. :shrugs:
  5. Ban? He wouldn't even THINK of it! :censor: He has no say in what I buy. Now, if he designed bags for a living, I'd give him input!
  6. No never!
  7. My husband would never ban me, BUT I pay the bills!:crybaby:

    So I HAVE TO ban myself!
  8. My DH doesn't like Chanel bags. He love Hermes and likes LV but for whatever reason he equates Chanel bags with being to "old looking". He'd rather save up and get something from Hermes...which is fine with me! :lol: But I do plan on getting something from Chanel someday...:girlsigh:
  9. I WISH my DH noticed my bags!!!:lol: Even for a second!:crybaby:
  10. Irene I WISH I had your bags....:girlsigh:
  11. well, my bf did not want me to get the perfo speedy 30. he said it looks like dog carrier! he chose my jackie o. gucci instead! :smile:
  12. Haha, no man I've ever dating has tried to ban me from buying anything. Current boyfriend might not like something but I guess since its my money...

    Oh wait once I think an ex didn't like a dress I was planing on wearing to an art opening - I told him he had no sense of style - we walked in the door and three seconds later someone was complimenting my taste...so I suppose I'd just be like 'you have no sense of fashion.'
  13. My DH doesn't like some of my handbags but that's about the size of it... No banning allowed in my house, LOL!
  14. Ha ha. My husband has "forbidden" me from buying and selling my bags and from spending so much time here (I end up spending more time here than with him sometimes :crybaby: ). But I'm an adult so I do what I want to do, and he ultimately understands that.
  15. My DH has never banned me from buying a particular bag. But, he will put his opinion in if he strongly dislikes a bag. If he knows I have my heart set on the bag - he goes along with it.