Purse ban until baby comes!


I’m just here for a good time.
Nov 12, 2006
Hello all... I've decided to impose my own purse ban before my DH puts his foot down. I had informally agreed to one the begining of November when I purchased a Cabas Mezzo as my 'last bag.' He thought it was a bit much for a diaper bag (which was how I justified the need). Then I started in on my need for a diaper bag wallet...Well, this weekend I bought 2 PLUS another diaper bag. My pleas of "but kate spade is WAY less expensive than LV" fell on deaf ears.

In my defense, I'm a black vs. brown freak. I have to have a black bag/wallet and a brown bag/wallet. I'm the kind of girl who was raised to match your shoes to your purse, and my shoes come in two colors. He should be glad it's only two!

This morning I just bought a Christine PM in bronze from Let-Trade. There is nothing baby related about this bag, so I know he's going to flip out when he sees it. I'm planning on announcing my ban when he comes home and hiding it when it gets here. Then I'll play the "look what I found that I haven't used in years" card. THAT, in my opinion is the best part of buying pre-loved LV. So what do you think my chances are?
oh, wow.. it might actually work! some men don't even notice when you get a haircut hehe.. but i guess i cant say anything better than good luck! hope it works! although, you should seriously consider cutting down on shopping for deisgner bags if it causes that many problems..
I wish that would work at my house....my hubby notices everything....he likes to totallly keep up with me about it all.....sometimes its great but...girls gotta have her little secrets....:P

Sounds like its all planned out and working for ya....Im on a ban too...but its soooo hard right now.....If my Special Order doesnt get here soon....I might crack under the pressure!!!!!!!!!:hysteric: I need an LV fix....ughhhh.....
my dh complained when my tulum pm arrived so I am on a self imposed ban....no baby here but, dh is worried about my purse obsession 5 LV handbags plus accessories is the last few months has alarmed him and me so I am finally behaving until the spring...now I rotate and have fun with all my goodies...bans can be a good thing...good luck and we support you in your ban so behave gf...do it for the baby!!!
To quote my DH, I 'need another purse like I need a hole in my head'. It doesn't really upset him or hurt our finances, he just doesn't think it's practical. He pointed out once that I could carry a different bag every day for a month without repeats... plus with the monogram line he gets confused easily as to which styles I have. I have a speedy 25, 30 and 40... and he still hasn't figured out these are three different bags!