Purse Ban Support Group

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    I put myself on a purse ban last Tuesday.
    I fell off the wagon tonight because of that Darn Hayden Harnett Winter sale.
    So really it isn't my fault? Everyone can see that, right?

    Who else is currently on a Purse Ban? How do you DO IT???

    Just coming into here and hearing about and seeing all these lovey bags gets me jittery and nervous. I felt so calm and serene after I bought that HH. It was like getting "A Fix". :sweatdrop:

    So I am open to all ideas about how to get through these crucial moments of denial.

    Oh Nooo. This is my 666 post! Is that some kind of sign?:wtf:
  2. Hmmmmm........let me see if I would join this elite group....... :s I was up this morning at 3 a.m. because I couldn't sleep, so guess what I did?!!! Went on the Purse Forum for about an hour to see what was new! Before I knew it, it was 4 a.m!!! Nope! Don't think I need to join this Support Group at all. In denial................:rolleyes:
  3. :shrugs: Wish I knew. Sometimes I just admit I'm a nut, and get on with the buying!
  4. Ooooooh! 666! I hear that the devil wears Prada..........
  5. I'm supposed to be on a purse ban. I need to pay off the Chloe Silverado I bought last month. That is going to take a few months. Of course now there is a Jimmy Choo I am lusting after. I need to stop looking at anything!
  6. I'm here. Most of the time I'm a determined person. This is the first time I feel I need to be on a Purse Ban. Let's see whether this will be executed well...
  7. Count me in! I'm already on ban but still managed to spend over my budget this year because of Xmas....
  8. Count me in too.
    I'm on a purse ban because I've just bought my new home (btw, next Monday I'll have the keys!!!!:yahoo: ).
    But I can't stop coming here and peeping in Ebay (.it, .co.uk, .fr, .de...I'm insane) and searching for my next bag. I almost bought a LV Popincourt and Concorde, but I stopped before my finger clicked the Bid now button.
    My BF tells me the more you lust after a thing, the more you appreciate it when you get it. Hope it is so.
  9. No purse ban for me!
  10. I told hubby last night I wasn't buying any more bags til Spring :s
    I really don't think I can do it, but since we just bought a home maybe I'll be so busy decorating that I won't be thinking of purses :lol:
  11. I lasted 64 days without buying a bag, but then I ordered a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag. I'm proud that I had the self control to last that long! I'm back on the bag ban now.

    I don't have any tips, but hang in there!
  12. :graucho: I'm on a purse ban until I find a black stella, a black sophia, a large tapioca multi pocket, another gucci and momma needs shoes!!! Ha-ha just kidding.....but am I? Yeah guess I should stand up and say my name....and admit I'm a purse-a-holic!!!!! :heart: Emmy
  13. I'm on a ban after I get my baby cabas until I get my first acceptance letter from law school! Looks like I may be getting one in a couple weeks, though...wasn't counting on that. May override till the next one, which should be in a couple months. That said, there are SO many hayden-harnett bags I want right now!
  14. I went on a crazy purse buying spree this year - I bought 18 bags this year (sold two of them). I've told DH that I'm not buying another bag for an entire year! :nuts: I don't know if I can do it - MUST... BE... STRONG!
  15. You can count on me to hold up my end of the bargain on agreeing to a Purse Ban. With two knee injuries in 2 months, unable to work until who knows when and an uncertain prognosis for both...I'm not buying! I can look...but cannot buy. So count me in....Dang it!