purse ban! help a fashionless gal put together a wardrobe!

  1. Okay, now I have a nice bag, nice wristlet, nice wallet. But I still live in pajamas and sweats. Tonight I realized this can't continue!! I'm basically a blank canvas. I have a pair of skinny joe cigarette jeans, and now a james perse tee. That's basically the only non sweats of my wardrobe. Where do I start?!
  2. You need to build up wardrobe basics..don't be afraid to splurge on your basics, because they can take you very far. You need to buy items like:
    -a well fitting suit/blouses (what kind of suit you buy depends on where you work etc.)
    - a trench
    -classic pumps
    -a dress that suits you body type
    Buy your wardrobe basics in neutral colors, then you can supplement your basics with other pieces...sweaters, accessories etc.
  3. I'm kind of doing the same thing, I'm trying to put together some classic pieces that fit my body. I'm tired of wasting money on clothes I think look good in the store then when I wear them they just don't feel right, or I think they look wrong.

    I've herad this is a good book and have just started reading it: Amazon.com: The Pocket Stylist: Behind-the-Scenes Expertise from a Fashion Pro on Creating Your Own Look: Books: Kendall Farr

    Also, I think it really depends on what type of lifestyle you have. Are you a student, work in a business attire office (e.g., Law Firm), or casual office (e.g., Microsoft). I think the advice above about getting your wardrobe basics in neutral colors is good too.
  4. i read your post about those rude *****es on the Bbag board, so im assuming your on a college budget like myself?

    if so, for basics, stores like old navy and the gap really have all you'll ever need and both are relatively cheap.

    if you want to add a couple more trendy pieces, h&m and zara are your best bets! both relatively cheap as well.

    id probably go for a $500 shopping spree, and ill brake it up by the hundreds:
    $100 - a couple pairs of good fitting h&m jeans, and a few tanks/polos/shirts at old navy
    $200 - add some sweaters from old navy, gap, and h&m
    $300 - a trendy coat from h&m or zara
    $400 - a classic coat from h&m or zara
    $500 - more denim or whatever you feel is still missing

    good luck and most importantly have fun! not to mention keep those nasty girls away from your beautiful ink! :flowers:
  5. Don't forget shoes!
  6. Loehmanns, Off-5th (Saks outlet), and even TJ Maxx have some great deals on designer goods to supplement your growing wardrobe (so you don't have to settle for no-name, poor quality stuff). But, if you are in the mood to go cheap like I do sometimes, I get some basics (tees, belts, etc.) from Target. No one can tell the difference as long as I mix the cheap in with the expensive!! Plus, that saves you more money to buy another purse when your ban is up!
  7. Thanks for all of your suggestions all! Yup college budget minus work clothes because I work in scrubs. Just to be fun and fashionable for myself.
  8. hmm.. i'd go with classic lines.. get a lot of basics and match them with crazy skirts, shoes, trenchcoats, etc. funky pieces from Nordstrom. express is cheap too. ah.. cant wait till im a college student! lol.
  9. So I'm thinking I'll get two more james perse white tees for basics.
    one nice pair of jeans to start with
    two nice thermals
    two nice hoodies
    one nice robe sweater
    one wide leg trouser
    one crisp clean blouse
    one or two polos
    one nice pair of flats

    and then mix in some fun sweaters and pants, belts, headbands, shoes, etc?

    oh and a nice wool peacoat!
  10. ^^ :yes: that sounds like a good place to start!
  11. You're probably very much interested in comfort, but you still want to look good. I'm the same way.

    Buy basic styles of nicely-fitted tops and nice jeans to start out simple but still nice...some polo-type shirts, some plain t-shirts, some button-up shirts and in neutral colours. If this is plain, you have your belt, jewelery, shoes, and - of course - your purse to add some variety.
  12. If you want to get some more James Perse basics Seven Jeans, True Religion Jeans, Citizens Of Humanity, AG Jeans, Hudson Jeans has a lot of James Perse on sale. Free People has some good basics as well. I just bought this really nice Free People tunic in Charcoal for $44 from that site.
  13. Go to H&M- usually can't get it wrong in there....
    Big fan of Loehmann's too if there's one near you, so worth going in...
  14. i'm never a big spender on clothings, most of my wardrobe consists of vintage, and zara or mango.

    i would say the basic pieces are :
    • skinny jeans (in black or dark blue)
    • mini dresses you could wore separately or u can layer on jeans.
    • long cardigan in soft think knit in grey or neutral colours
    • flat shoes
    • flat sandals
    • flat boots