Purse Ban - Collection Required

  1. Feel free guys to send me $6000 so I can buy that flashy classic with the logos all over it ...

    and if ther is an 18% increase .... ***sigh*** I will be back to buying stuff from Sears!!!!

    This is a joke of course ... but donations will be accepted!!!:graucho:
  2. ^^^ Hahaha. That's funny. I have to say though, that $6000 price tag for the "Punk" collection (the bag Harley is talking about) is SOOO STEEP! Chanel's gone nuts. The reissue itself is $1875, sans the silly pins or emblems. The price is very very inflated due to availability. Good thing I'm not buying ANYTHING from S/S 2007. PHEEW!
  3. haha! aww thanks for the laughs harley! i needed them after hearing about this evil price increase!!!
  4. I wonder if they are trying to pare down their clientele? And make the brand even more exclusive like Hermes ... which means that i will be a bag lady soon - you will see me with a shopping cart with all my chanel's wearing raggedy clothes ... but hey I will be a Chanel bag lady!!

    And i swear if KL chooses Lindsey Lohan for anything - I am going to hurl first, then go to Paris (as in the city) ... and give him a piece of my mind!!

    Now, how does one get to meet KL???
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. i know - i will lose like 100 pounds - pretend i am nicole ritchie'slong lost sister - that should get me in the door ... and access to cash!!!
  7. OMG!! I knoww... No way in hell, does Lindsay Lohan represent Chanel?! I heard those rumours are done though. It was officially declared that KL will NOT choose Lindsay Lohan for his ad campaigns. Wasn't it Diane Kruger who's going to be in the ads? I absolutely HATE how they're substituting models for actors these days. The campaigns with Daria were so lovely!

  8. I those rumors are true .... I am going to have to be loyal to another brand !!
  9. NOOOOO... are you serious??! :sad: Then I'll have to find some other brand to love and obsess (I CAN'T go back to LV! :push: )
    I cannot cannot cannot be supporting Lindsay Lohan and be paying her ridiculous over-inflated ad campaign endorsements through my Chanel bag purchases. NO F*CKING WAY!

    sorry for the anger ladies, I completely despise celebrities and how American celebrities are exalted like gods.

  10. Haha those bags are so overpriced. There's no way those pins are worth a few K.
  11. wal-mart ... here i come!!!
  12. Hahaha. Seriously, me too. I NEED TO STOP LOOKING AT CHANEL. :wtf: and NOW I think S/S 2007 isn't so bad (but still not as good as F/W 2006) GRRRRR. I want that timeless cc tote.