purse and wallet. Same color?

  1. I'm thinking of buying a wallet and I was just wondering if I should buy it in the same combination color-leather as the purse I'm in list for.
    what do you ladies think? If you have let's say a black chevre birkin, would you get a black chevre wallet?
  2. Not necessarily. I'm one of those that doesn't have to have everything match - just get something that will be durable and that you'd love to look at.
    Black Chevre Mysore is a classic and will hide dirt well. I'd also recommend something like Noisette Mysore - looks great with black AND something like your amazing Vert Anis Kelly...
  3. I am a huge fan of bright-colored accessories--something that I'll just take pleasure in when I take it out of the bag. I really love my Violette Chevre Bearn, and I love the way it looks with my Vert Anis; it's a surprisingly nice complement.
  4. You either love to match or you don't. If you don't now is the chance to get that amazing color that you may be afraid to buy in a larger bag. Plus, you will always be able to see your wallet inside your bag. Especially against the black chevre.
  5. Like Orchids, I like colored accessories - my Bearn is in Rouge H, and I love it! I had a black wallet for years, and it was so hard to find in my bags sometimes!

    I don't think they need to match - that being said, I'm hoping for a Rouge H or Vif birkin, but that's because I like red, not because I'm going for a matchey-matchey look.
  6. i chose the dogon wallet in blue jean since it seems to be great with all the H colors (and it matched my BJ birkin 30) but it helps if the rest of your small leather accessories are in the other rainbow of H colors - it's fun and more colorful that way!
  7. My opinion is the same as orchids - I love Hermes bright colors!! However, some I'm a bit afraid of in a bigger bag, so the accessories are a great alternative! The only problem I have...is that I bought my cyclamen azap wallet which I LOVE, and then bought the rouge h plume in my avatar, and we have serious color clashing going on lol!! I did buy a Chanel zip wallet to go with the red...but haven't used it yet as I love the azap lol! But I do love having the rouge vif agenda, and the vert anis notebook...all the colors are amazing IMO!
  8. ^^^ I am with Shoes and Orchids!!! I love Hermes accessories in bright colors!!! I like to spice it up!
  9. i would go for something different than your bag ... its nice to have a bit of variety... i have a orange bearn ,orange dogon key wallet and a trish mcevoy orange make up bag .... and they go with all my hermes bagsie bj ebene black and rouge vif...:smile:
  10. I am in agreement with Jag, Shoes and Orchids. I am waiting for a Rouge H tri-fold because it will coordinate with three bags (raisin, gold and black) and be a match for a fourth. I know a lot of ladies who match. Ultimately, I think it's personal preference. ​
  11. I love H accessories in bright colors like many ladies here. I would not necessarily match the bag with the wallet.
  12. Another vote for bright accessories. All of mine are orange. They go with BJ and they look good with my LVs too. :flowers:
  13. my vote is for a bright color wallet. i have a rouge Vif bearn wallet and every time I open my bag, it is a nice surprise that puts a smile on my face. additionally, red (or a similar bright color) is also very sexy, similar to wearing sexy color undergarments.:graucho:
  14. ^^ I'm in agreement regarding the wallet as well as the undergarment comment, lol!
  15. Spice it up, I say!!!!! Get a brilliant color to compliment your bag! I should talk though....me....with the black wallet. Yikes.....