Purse advise for NYC

  1. I'm planning a visit to NYC in March. Which would you carry while in the city, you carry The Legacy wristlet or the Legacy shoulder? THT!(
  2. I might suggest carrying the wristlet just because I've heard that pick pocketing is huge there. So you may want to carry your money and cards close in your hand.
  3. I would wear a swingpack. I got one from the outlets to use in Disney. A wristlet would be better than a shoulder bag if you aren't going to use a swingpack.
  4. You might not even want to carry a purse, but get a money belt instead and wear it under your clothes.
  5. I live in NJ and vist NYC a few times a year. What I take depends on what we are going there for. Typically, though I take something small. As small as possible, to make sure I can tuck it under my arm and then I keep one hand on the strap too. Either that or don't use a bag at all - just put essentials in your pockets. Also, I wouldn't necessarily carry a 'designer' bag or anything special that might draw attention to yourself and give people the sense that you have money. I've never had any problems in NYC myself. As long as you keep everything close to your body, hands on, and keep walking like you know what you are doing you should be fine.

    Have fun! What are you going there for?
  6. Thanks for all the help. I'm meeting a freind there who is coming from England for the weekend. A little girl time, away from the husband and kids..Plan on seeing a show, a few museums and some fun shopping should be fun!!!! Can ya'll reccomend any fun boutiques?
  7. I usually carry something small, and I feel very safe (on subway, walking down the street, etc).
  8. Funny you should ask this I'm going in a couple of weeks and was wondering the same thing.
    I may take my swing pack for the train and my wristlet I don't know. My SIL has lived there all her life and my brother has been there 11 yrs so im kind of following their lead.
    Have a Great time on your trip
  9. Cool! Let me know if they can give us any tips on the shopping!!
  10. I live in NYC so I would say to take the shoulder bag. There aren't that many pickpocketers as you would think. Just be careful that's all. I use all of my expensive bags in NYC and there's no trouble. Besides bigger bags means you can carry more stuff.
  11. I've been to NYC 2x in the past 6 months, carried my regular sig flap bag and had no problems. Most of the women I passed on the street, in the subway, shopping etc...carried "true" handbags. Just walk with a purpose & keep your belongings close and you shouldn't have any problems!!! I :heart: NY!!!
  12. Bring your purse!,NYC is seriously not that dangerous.People over exagerate it abit,I walk around designer stuff all the time,and I never got mugged. Also legacy isnt really popular in NYC so no one would really notice if its designer...have fun!
  13. ITA! :yes:
  14. Coach has a fun lanyard. I find it makes for a great skinny wallet, not to mention, it's like a neck moneypouch. I found it at the outlet for $17 a couple of weeks ago. Then, bring a big bag to keep souvineers in, and all the purses you buy while in the City.
  15. any purse is fine - but the smaller the better since it does get crowded, especially in touristy areas during the weekends. have fun!