Purse advice...

  1. Really my purse should be staying firmly shut for a few months since I bought 3 new bags in less than a fortnight, but I really think I 'need' a purse.

    There's about 5 purses I'm equally in love with on m.com just now, but the size aspect is throwing me.

    Ideally I want a purse that fits comfortably in all my bags, including my Lily, and I'm a bit cautious about ordering one that's slightlyl too big / long.

    What I'm really after is some advice on sizes, specifically:

    1. Are the continental wallet / long locked styles too cumbersome for the Lily?
    2. Are the ID purses / Daria small Zip arounds too small for everyday use?

    I tend to carry some notes, coin and cards about, so I don't want to opt for a too small purse.

    Any advice you lovely ladies can offer would be appreciated!
  2. I have the cookie purse in oak and I think it's great... Bought it to replace and use as an everyday purse. Love it :love:

    Zip it for coins, 1 space each side for notes etc and 6 card slots, just right for me, also behind the card slots is another little area I like to keep vouchers etc....

    She is beautiful and fits in cookie lily (not sure if the cookie is just slightly bigger than reg lily)

    Couldn't recommend her enough!!!! :love:
  3. Hope this helps a bit..
    image-1620537118.jpg image-2871155734.jpg
  4. I love the Cookie purse, and I probably do prefer the long continental wallet style more, but I was just wary about squashing it into Lily when I use her.
  5. I have a Daria small zip-around and find it quite large enough, but I suspect lots of people would consider it too small. I keep four cards and folded notes on one side, and coins on the other. You do have to be fairly disciplined and not carry too much change though as the leather could push out of shape quite easily.
  6. I hate carrying loads of coin, so that aspect probably wouldn't be a problem. I think Daria is so cute, plus, if I opted for her I could allow myself an extra purchase of a pouch.

    It's horrible having to make these decisions!
  7. I think, if possible it would be best to visit an M store... That way you can have a play and seeing them irl will help... you can work out exactly how much room you'll have etc...
  8. I'll be through in Glasgow in a few weeks for work, so I should really just be patient and wait till then, shouldn't I!
  9. I think that's best too. In the meantime here's another picture to help
  10. Definitely wait until then to buy... But you can spend the time now researching all options!!! :biggrin:
  11. I'm ridiculously impulsive!

    Mulberry seems to have that effect on me. :smile:
  12. In that case order lots... Play with them at home and then send back what you don't like!!!! :giggles:
  13. I like your way of thinking, but we both know if more than 1 was ordered, they'd never get sent back!
  14. Definitely go into a store and have a play about and see what you think but in the meantime, it's fun thinking about it and other people always come up with things you wouldn't have thought of!

    I have the cookie oak purse and a silky snake continental purse....both I love but I probably prefer to use the ss purse just ever so slightly more because it has a zipped pocket on the back, as well as there being one inside. With the zipped pocket on the back, you don't have to open up the purse to access coins. The ss purse is a little smaller than the cookie purse but both pack in lots - I have notes, receipts, coins, stamps, cards, a couple of photos and my work pedestal key in mine! the pink pouch has got keys, inhaler, lip gloss and perfume atomiser in it...I forgot to add my phone in but I can take the small hairbrush out and put that in!

    Some pics from me too:
    Pouch 2.jpg Pouch 3.jpg Silky Snake Nightshade Blue Purse 4.jpg
  15. Thanks Cupcake, and what a gorgeous purse!

    It's actually amazing what Lily can hold, for a small bag.