Purrrfect additions....

  1. Ok, I am closer and closer to my ban...hehehehe.:p

    Here are my latest addictions...oh, I meant additions...hmmmm, all the same really...hehehe.:yahoo:

    My black caviar size 226 with silver hardware / new chain.


    my Paris Monte Carlo / Pearl Reissue!! To die for...yes, it is much more a true black than what I originally saw at trunk show...ladies if you want one, get after them right away!!!
    IMG_5137ab.JPG IMG_5149ab.JPG IMG_5151ab.JPG
  2. OMG!!!!!!!!! Both are gorgeous, but I love that reissue!!!!! We need modeling pics please!!!!:heart::heart: Congrats on your new bags! I am glad I am not alone in buying two black flaps all in one shot!
  3. Beautiful Choices!!!
  4. No never alone....if you ever need support in your guilty pleasures...I'm a guilty team mate tpf'er. hehehe.:devil:
  5. I love your classic caviar...but that reissue is TDF! :nuts:
  6. Gorgeous purchases! I wish I had seen the Pearl Reissue at the trunk show. Really curious about that one.

    You're quite an enabler, with all of your beautiful pics! :graucho:

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  7. Classy bags for a classy woman. Love em'!
  8. they are both gorgeous!!! LOVE the silver hardware!! :drool:
  9. The pearl reissue is so beautiful!
  10. OMG!!! Love them both!!!!
  11. Congrats! i love the pearl reissue.
  12. drools..I LOVEEE THEM!!
  13. Ahh, gorgeous pieces!!!! :heart: :nuts: The medium classic flap is one of my favorite bags ever, and the reissue is a stunning work of art, wow!! :drool: Enjoy wearing both of your new babies!! :smile:
  14. YAYYYY!!!! You got it ... congrats on the super special bag!
  15. Absolutely purrrfect additions! I love both of them, congrats & enjoy. =)