Purpose of the tiny cloth??

  1. What is the purpose of the tiny cloth that comes with the classic flap bag? In mine it was tucked inside the lipstick holder.
  2. Maybe to wipe the hardware? My jumbo didn't come with one haha. Then again, it doesn't have the inner flap or the lipstick holder.

  3. Yeah I thought maybe to wipe the hardware but it feel kind of rough, maybe a bit scratchy!
  4. the piece of felt? I always thought it was just there to help keep the shape of that pocket while the bag is packed.
  5. The piece of felt I got was under the flap between the closure and and body of the purse. I thought to protect from any metal scratching on the CC?
  6. ^Oh, I thought she meant like a cloth like an eyeglass type cloth.

    Yeah, if it's felt, it's just there for protection.
  7. Yes, it's for protection versus cleaning. I recently saw an eBay listing where the seller of a fake Chanel wallet wrote, "Comes with cleaning cloth; don't use leather cleaner!"
  8. ^lol that is hilarious roey!
  9. Yes, I had this too but i also had a tiny cloth that was folded into the lipstick compartment. So it's just to retain the shape, not a cleaning cloth?