Purples popular in 2008

  1. Was checking to see how likely it may be that my raisin 35 will be making an appearance in the next year and was told that purple is one of the colours that will be very popular this year.... So I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get my Birkin, but also thinking that this shade will be making appearances in other colours too, perhaps griolet?...

    Apparently, with the India theme, all the brighter colours are a production priority.
  2. Dear Ms. MK:

    Hope you get your 'purple' soon.....

    I think this might need to be answer by some of the 'senor'; knowledgeable ladies here.... Inquiry mind wants to know....
  3. Good luck on your search! BTW I know a TPFer who has one for sale 35cm Clemence like new...PM me
  4. this is what I can gather

    Violet made a re-appearance in 2006/7 - in mysore and croc - but not in a huge way - birkins, small kellys and bolides (btw mysore was not offered at the Feb 2008 podium).

    At the podium, Amethyst is the new "purple" for croc (in matt only I was told). For normal leathers, the purple shades are raisin and prune. However I was made to understand that box is available by special order only - hence raisin box may not be that easily available.

    The above is what I have been told - I can't vouch for the accuracy as I don't have a spy in the Hermes Atelier (wish i did though)
  5. According to my SA, all kinds of people are gonna be big this year. She didn't mention specifically what kinds of purple, but it was enough to get me salivating at all the lovely things that could be coming out :drool:
  6. docride, your settings don't allow PMs?
  7. Amethyst comes in both matte and shiny croc.
  8. You are THAT excited about it huh?! :lol:
  9. It shouldn't surprise us i suppose, purple making a comeback. All the major fashion houses are into purple this year.
  10. It's actually more neutral than I think it gets credit for.... but then as a raisinette, I'm biased!
  11. Purple rules!
  12. ^^ Totally :supacool:
  13. There are several new purple shades for AW2008 indeed. I am not good with these unless I copy them down, which I didn't get to do. I hope others can chime in on the exact names that your SAs have wonderfully shared.

    AW will see alot of blues as well.
  14. i love purple!!! yey!
  15. My only excuse is that I had lunch in front of me whilst typing that... and it was almost 4pm. :sweatdrop: