Purplemoonshoes' modest collection

  1. I've been reading a little more lately, and I'd like to share.
    This first shot is all my bags except my Coach.
    In the back is the RM Grace, a Kate Spade I forget the name of, and my quilted Prada hobo.
    In the front is my Kate Spade Wellesley, the Kooba Meredith, and L.A.M.B. Love Catania Clutch.
    Missing is my Coach Hamptons Leather Book Tote in Red. See my sig for what's coming next!
    My bags 040 (2).JPG
  2. Next up...the individual shots!
    Here's my L.A.M.B. Love Catania Clutch in Red.
    My bags 036.2.jpg My bags 037.2.jpg
  3. My everyday bag- the Rebecca Minkoff Grace bag and the cool lining- sorry for the bad pics!
    My bags 032.2.jpg My bags 033.2.jpg
  4. My first Kate Spade- carried this for about a year after getting it at a sample sale
    My bags 039.2.jpg
  5. The Kate Spade Wellesley in brown- so cute!
    My bags 035.2.jpg
  6. My bookbag- a Coach Hamptons Book Tote in Red. You can tell it's been used a lot from the way it slumps!
    My bags 041.2.jpg
  7. My pride and joy- my quilted Prada hobo. This was my first designer bag, and I only carry it when I want to look extra-nice. I know it isn't a Birkin, but it's a big deal for me.
    My bags 038.2.jpg
  8. Finally my coup de grace- a Kooba Meredith I got for $60!
    My bags 034.2.jpg
  9. Love the bicolor Minkoff and Meredith!
  10. Thank you! They make great day bags- they go with pretty much anything, and are sturdy but stylish.
  11. Nice collection!
  12. I love your Kooba bag!! Thanks for sharing...great collection!
  13. Thank you!
  14. nice collection!!
  15. Very nice collection-