Purple YSL Oversized Muse

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  1. hi there! does anyone have a picture of this? :smile: I'm asking a friend to get me one in the US but then I haven't actually seen it up close. And I heard that there are two shades? One bright one and the other violet/black? If you can post a link showing pictures of the bag in the different shades, please do! Would really appreciate it! Thanks!
  2. Here's an older pic that I had saved from Raffaello network. (I've seen chatter on tPF about YSL offering two versions of violet, but I'm not entirely sure its true. I've only ever seen one shade.) Good luck, its a gorgeous bag!

  3. Re: Violet Muse
    Originally Posted by riana [​IMG]
    Is there a difference between violet and dark violet? Granted the site lists it as dark violet, but i'm really not sure. The dark violet was what I was interested in, but when I called to check if they had it, I believe I asked for the violet. I called again on tuesday to check if there was a difference between the dark violet and violet, and the SA said that it's the same color.. Granted, she didn't seem like she completely understood what I was saying. :shrugs: But anyway, to answer your question I believe it does. I think it comes in all sizes, including medium as well. I'll call again to check up on the color difference tomorrow and post again.

    Congrats! The dark violet is beautiful.:love:

    From what I understand, there is a lighter violet available only in the medium and/or baby muse.....not sure what's the official name is but some call it the "Barneys" purple. Here's some pics of the two owned by a member from the fashion spot forum.
    Attached Thumbnails[​IMG]

    this is from a thread back in March
  4. wah it's so gorgeous! thanks a lot for the info! :smile:
  5. I was all for the o/s Muse in violet(after seeing it on the Rafaello website). I changed my mind after seeing it IRL at the YSL boutique last week...it was not the deep black/violet shade I longed for, instead an eggplant purple :oh:.
  6. oh so you mean the color that it appears to be in the picture posted above is not what it actually looks like up close?
  7. Sadly no. Unless there really were two shades of violet. But the one I saw was just that --eggplant(or grape. Hmm, am I hungry? all these food references...)
  8. scholastican, are you referring to the one on the left in the picture below? :smile: i actually prefer the color on the left to that of the one on the right :smile:

  9. Hello Handbaghotspot. The shade I saw at the YSL boutique is the one on the right in the photo. I wished for a shade as dark,if not darker than the one on the left.