Purple Vernis?

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  1. Everyone is probably tired of me talking about and posting about Vernis... thanks for bearing with me. What do you guys think of the purple vernis? Do you think it's desirable? I think it's less elegant but there is something yummy about it... any thoughts welcome! I want to get the Reade PM and trying to decide between colors! Thanks all
  2. I like it but i would wait for the new amarante colour that going to come out. Its like a deep sexy plum purple. So i've heard.
  3. I think it's a very elegant neutral color, and would go nicely with most other colors.
  4. I like anything purple :biggrin:
  5. Not a fan of purple, I'm more of a pink girl.
  6. i think it's a cute color
  7. Me too.
  8. I like it !
  9. I like the purple plus not many people have it.
  10. I love it..
  11. I like it
  12. I love the purple..I thought they should have called it grape...it looked grape-y to me.
  13. I like purple. I can't wait to see the Amarante IRL.
  14. I love purple so anything LV produces in purple is like :love: for me. I loved the original purple that LV produced a few years back, unfortunately I wasn't an LV fan back then or else I would've considered buying a vernis piece.
  15. I would wait for the amarante as well...