Purple Vernis Butterfly 2002 Discontinued

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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering how much this bag retailed for when it came out in 2002 and if someone has one, can you tell me what you can fit in it?? It looks small by the zipper opening in the back...can it fit a decent sized wallet, cell phone, makeup? Thanks!
  2. hi there,
    i have the bag
    it's so cute,
    but i dont think u can fit anything in it..
    probably two credit cards or a few coins or a few notes...
    note, i didn't say 'and'
    but sorry, i can't remember how much it retailed for..
  3. Thank you! I think I might've remembered pics of your collection with it in there~ That's when I fell in love with it...
  4. It retailed for $1200 aus$$ when it was first launched and fits very little but is so cute:heart: