Purple Suede?

  1. Other than black and gray, what else would this match? I'm having trouble committing, but I really love the color! (Also, would anyone happen to know what this color is/was called? Coach usually has prettier names than just plain "purple.")
  2. I love that wine color there. So beautiful and quite demure. I would pair it with these options.

    For work: Light lavender-colored shirts paired with dark brown pants.

    For day/night: White babydoll dress paired with turquoise flats.
  3. I am drawn to that color bag more than any other. My closet will prove it! :p

    It seems to go with much of what I own, too... I'm not very good at pointing out colors and I DO tend to wear a lot of black slacks with various tops/sweaters... but I also wear other colors and I swear, that purple/maroon/wine color goes with so much!
  4. It would add color to any neutral outfit. You can also find a scarf with both that color and other colors in your outfit.
  5. OHHHH nice choice ;) i have a purple bag (lighter than yours) and i LOVE it!!!

    My fav outfit to wear it is khakis (pant, capris or skirts), white shirt and purple earrings/braclets and a little bit of purple shimmer on my eyes and my purple heels :smile:

    i also mix it up with other colors (dark blue, bright pink, greeny green! etc etc!)

    and as u can tell, i need to dry clean my bag hehe sorry its soooo dirty :p
    Pics 080.jpg
  6. I have this bag and I L.O.V.E. it! It goes with a lot of colors but my favorites are the gem colors (turquoise, green, coral, etc). It goes with a lot more than you would think!
  7. "This" is totally georgeous! I would go for it!!
    I love putting purple (or how 'bout aubergine??) with browns and greens. I agree with others here that it will match more than you might think!
    I say commit, commit, commit!!:yes:
  8. [​IMG]This is mine in a similar color ( the one in the middle ) and I wear it with almost everything , pinks purples , greens , browns , to me its a Coach bag its probaly going to look good with most things I wear :rolleyes: but I wear a lot of pink and purple
  9. Thanks all for your comments! I just won the bag on eBay so I'll be sure to post pics when I get it. I'm so excited :blush:
  10. Congratulations MittenedThings! Can't wait to see modeling pics!
  11. I want something in purple suede. I have a demi but I'm looking for a satchel now. It's beautiful!
  12. black, white, pink, blues/turquoises, grey, natural colors, deep brown... depending on what the piece of clothing is!

    i have a suede chocolate brown jacket with lavender on the inside... delish!
  13. I have a plum suede bag and I basically treat it as a neutral and wear it with more or less anything, except bright red! I love it with browns, jeans, khakis, and everything else people here have laready mentioned! Congrats on the bag - it's adorable!