purple suede rolandos

  1. Okay, so my dad got me a pair of rolandos. And i'm really happy and all, until i saw the colour. :sad:

    i dont know what to match it with or what to wear with it. it's so vibrant. what do you girls think?

  2. Loooove the color! its so vibrant royal blue :smile: where did your dad get them?? just in case i can score a 38 :p
  3. Oh god I absolutely LOVE this colour! You should be so pleased!
    If your really that unhappy with them I'll take them! x
  4. Those are the "electric blue" rolandos, but the box actually states purple or royal blue or something. I don't have the box in front of me. lol

    You can wear tons. With mine, I wear jeans w/ a black sweater/top, a black sweater dress, and I have other dresses w/ pieces of that color in it. You really can do a lot w/ that color. Have fun!

    They are gorgeous by the way. :smile:
  5. That is a great color. I think that black pants always look great next to a bright shoe. You could wear a top that has a bit of that same bright feeling, maybe some green. A dress is also a great option, something fun and above the knee.
  6. Oh also, if your dad is looking for any surrogate daughters, feel free to give me a shout! Lucky girl! xx
  7. I absolutely love these!!! In fact I'm bidding on a pair right now!!! Your dad is the best!!! (my dad's the same way with bags!)

    As long as the rest of your outfit is pretty neutral, I think you can wear these with anything! They add just the right pop of color!
  8. can i see the website where you're bidding it on?? just curious ;)
  9. Very cool color! You should def keep them!
  10. That's a pretty rare shoe. Worth keeping if you get your hands on it. I think you'd be able to wear it with a lot of outfits as long as you keep the colors simple.
  11. really? it's rare??
  12. Those are hot! I agree with the others who suggested that you can wear them a lot if you keep colors simple, and I have also seen some really cute outfits that have contrasting colors, so say a colorblock dress with black tights and those shoes. http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/28163
  13. Every store that carried them sold out as soon as they got their shipment in.
  14. wooohooo they're hoooottttt. i would get them if they weren't in suede! :graucho:
  15. I PM'ed you!:p