Purple St Louis

  1. I'm new to Goyard, but am really interested in the St Louis tote. I saw one in purple the other day on the streets of Boston and it was love at first sight! I went to Barney's at Copley but could not find that color. Any recommendations on how to hunt it down? Thanks so much!
  2. Purple is not a Goyard color. You might have seen the burgundy, it sometimes looks like purple (depending on the lighting). Try Goyard in San Francisco or Bergdorf Goodman in NY.
  3. how about gray?
  4. The St. Louis does not come in gray also. The St. Louis colors are black with black trim, black with tan trim, red, burgundy, yellow, green, orange, navy blue and light blue.
  5. Grey only available for the Voltaire....for now.:graucho:
  6. Thanks!
  7. Thanks!
  8. grey will also be available next year. new colour.
  9. Maybe you saw a Navy? That looks a little like purple =)
  10. Hi here's mine in Navy (T8)


    Yeah it's kinda purple-ish, depends on the lighting but it's so versatile, I super love it :biggrin:
    sorry for the quality of photo.