Purple Shoulder Bag

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  1. My second pce bag but it is not love.


    Inside of the bag


  2. Mod pics


  3. For some reason, I just can't get into this bag...it seems rather oddly shaped...sorry you're not feeling the love, either! Great color, though...:smile:
  4. It's not love? Does that mean you'll be returning it then?
  5. It is cute...it is big but I like it. Congrats.
  6. OMG that's huge! Is there something besides the size you don't like?
  7. I like big.

    but I don't like this one. Sorry.

    And I'm an LSU Tiger fan, but this is a little too "I bleed purple and gold" for me.
  8. I like it and I think she looks better on than just sitting there...and the purple would be great if it were deeper, like an eggplant.

    What's your reservations about her, OP?
  9. There is just something about this bag that I do not like at all. Maybe it is the size and shape. It is going back for that amount of $ I should love this bag. On to the next bag.
  10. I agree with everything. I'm digging the color, that's about it. I think its the bottom folds that bother me.
  11. Lovely! I think the lining is just yummy :smile:
  12. I have this bag in black and I think it is stunning. The lining is a crimson red and just gorgeous! The leather has a little sparkle/shine to it and is just beautiful. The long starp holds the bag at the perfect height and I am 5'4"
  13. That color is great. I'm feeling the same way about my Tessa. I LOVE the Sky Blue color but the bag its self is not love and I'm not sure why. So I can identify .... but I'm still sitting on the Tessa undecided trying to make myself LOVE it... Crazy I know .... for the $$ we pay for these things, it really needs to be love.
  14. Sorry you're not feeling the love for this bag. She is a big one. I saw the black IRL with the gorgeous red lining and I tried her on, or I should say she tried me on. Just too big. I'm sure you'll find something else you love.
  15. Ahh I can't wait to get mine. I have a feeling it'll get better with use and abuse. The leather on these shoulder bags are going to break in nicely