Purple Saffiano with Silver

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  1. I didn't snag the Hamilton on Zappos.com yesterday and it is now gone. Does anyone have any idea where I could get a purple saffiano hamilton with silver? I have exhausted all the online resources that I know so I would love some assistance. Thanks so much!!
  2. Maybe you could try contacting Zappos to see if they're ever going to get it back in stock?
  3. Thanks! That is a good idea - I will do that now.
  4. I'm not sure if Macys is an option for you but they are available on their online site.
  5. I got my E/W Purple Saffiano Hamilton w/SHW at Macy's last month with the 25% off F&F discount.

  6. I checked Michael Kors, Neiman Marcus, CUSP, and Macy's websites and seems like Macy's is the only place that still carries the Purple Hamilton with Silver hardware. I got the n/s and e/w!!! I love them both!!! Hurry before it sells out!!! ^__^v
  7. May not help, but Saks has the purple with gold! I just ordered it last night. :smile:
  8. Thank you all!! It is also now on michaelkors.com!!
  9. LOVE!! Gorgeous!!
  10. Beautiful! Enjoy it.
  11. Thanks SO much!
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    Love it!!!
  13. Nice bag! Enjoy!!
  14. Beautiful bag! Purple is my favorite color.
  15. Has anyone seen the blue saffiano with silver?


    I'm having a hard time finding these silver saffiano bags as well