Purple RM Morning After Mini is here!


Which purple bag would you keep?

  1. Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini

  2. Hayden Harnett Gaza Satchel

  3. Both

  4. Neither

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. :girlsigh: I love it.

    *More pics in the next post, scroll down!


    Now, the other part of this thread: Which Purple bag would you keep? The Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini in Purple or the Hayden Harnett Gaza Satchel in Purple?
  2. Here are some more pics!

    I would like to say that I love the leather quality on this bag. It is soft, pebbled, and works very well with deep grape color!
  3. Definitely that RM! I just got the gaza hobo today in the same color actually because I wasn't able to get the RM in purple so definitely the mini!

    That leather looks soo soft...
  4. that's easy......the purple RM, it gorg!!!!!!!!
  5. love love love the RM!!!
  6. The RM is gorgeous!
  7. Oh please sell the RM....so I can buy it ;)
  8. Well you already know what I'm going to say!! Keep the PURPLE Mini :p...Isn't it TDF??
  9. ^It really is! I am so happy with it! Do you love yours insanely too? More so than your other bags? Heck, I even like it better than the wine MAM!
  10. Love the purple! I think that is a color you that is probably quite limited now. Nothing but newer colors are out now. The mini mam is beautiful too. I think the HH is great but not as formal looking as the RM. The color allows you to dress up or down with the RM. Yet the HH has more pockets if that's what you need.
  11. I'm going to be the dissenting voice here and vote for the HH, only because (if I recall correctly) you have a few other RMs right? Although, I think the RM purple is TDF!
  12. I love mine and will never part with it:heart:. It's a keeper baby! I still wouldn't mind getting one in the wine color :graucho:. But I think I'll wait to see how the Hot Pink one looks. That's next on my RM list:drool:...
  13. Ooh, ooh, ooh! Sooo jealous! I love that deep shade of purple! And I second what luvinmybags says... sell the RM, so we can fight over it! :bagslap: Hehe... (Those smilies look so mean!)
  14. Definitely the RM mini - I dunno, something about the Gaza always makes me think of a camping trip - like it should be full of fishing tackle, bait and camping supplies!!!

    That color is simply gorgeous - Is the leather thick, soft & squishy like the Black/Blue Matinee? Or thin & soft like the Glazed Espresso?
  15. Gung, your crazy (but we all know this)......
    Keep both cuz they are two TOTALLY DIFFERENT BAGS in terms of function.
    There are times when you NEED an organized workhorse......and the HH does it! Yup, it's kinda like "camping gear" as iluvmybags mentioned. I was just thinking about my Dominique satchel this morning (thinking I would give her a spa treatment) and how beautifully she travels. I don't care if she gets scuffed up, banged around, etc. I DO care if this happens to other bags that I have that are more expensive and "refined" looking. I know the Gaza satchel will look fab all banged up.....your beautiful RM will NOT look great with battle scars.
    So - keep both.
    PS - if you're getting rid of your HH.....I know two people who will want it!!! (me and jandelvis....she's been dying for one.....at a reasonable price, of course!!!!) :heart::yes::yahoo: