Purple Rive Gauche

  1. [​IMG]

    YSL Rive Gauche Mini zip tote, £945.00

    What do you think?

    It's definitely a bright purple!
  2. Do not like it one bit.

    But ask again in a month's time -- you know how bags have a way of "growing" on you.
  3. I love that color, but I don't think I like it with all that gold hardware - it's just a bit too much. But I could change my mind if I ever saw it IRL.
  4. The bag is very pretty ... love the color .... I just don't like gold hardware.
  5. I think the color is a bit too garish and not luxe enough...also immediately conjures an image of the Lakers too :push:
  6. I love everything about this bag. I love the color and the hardware and I think it looks amazing.
  7. I prefer Black with purple, not Gold.
  8. I think the purple is too bright, and it definitely doesn't pair very well with the gold hardware. Maybe it looks gorgeous IRL..
  9. I hate it. I think that the bright purple just looks a bit... I don't know, cheap? Not a fan.
  10. I love the color actually, esp with the gold hardware ( I think silver hardware wouldn't be as nice ). However, it's a bit "loud" for my taste, but that's just me...