Purple Reissue

  1. So I just bought the purple reissue, but I don't know if I should keep it. Those of you who have one, what do you where it with? Can it be worn during the day? What color shoes do you wear it with? I just am a little confused.
  2. I love it!! I dont have one I have a navy but i would wear it with almost everything, what size do you have?
  3. I have the 255 size. I don't lke big nice bags, since all I carry in them is my sunglasses, walet, phone, and keys.
  4. I think you should keep it. I don't have one, but patiently awaiting the arrival of my dark red 225. It's a limited run bag and you may really regret letting it go later on.

    As to what to wear with it, I think it's perfectly okay for daytime. It's a great bag for jeans as well as dresses IMO.

    I know it's not the metallic reissue, but I love how Kirsten Dunst wore her purple croco bag with her red chanel dress here. Imagine with the purple reissue!


    picture from elle.com
  5. There are a few threads about this very same thing. I think if you do a search you will find the one that's like 6 pages long.
  6. hi,
    i just was offered the purple in 226...i love the purple the most from all the colours but wud luv the 227 size. they are also offering me the 227 and 228 sizes but in dark red and olive..im confused...i love the 227 size but love the purple!!!!
  7. Wow...the dark red is TDF!!! I was searching it really bad, but could not even locate one.
  8. ^ilvecocochanel, if I were in your position, I would get the color I want and compromise on the size. If I hadn't been able to find the 225 red I know I would have gone for the 226 red instead of getting a different color.
  9. Miffy: I think so too, I love the Purple and will sacrifice on the size I think. I wish to get the Red too! Hehe. Totall confused.

    Happymm: Thanks for informing that Red is stunning. I might just get both in different sizes! I can't sleep:smile:
  10. i do not own any metallic reissues but i have a purple flap....i think it's not that difficult to match with red/white/black/beige....u know nowadays pple tends to mix N match....:smile: