Purple reissue girls-What will you be wearing with?

  1. I saw the purple metallic reissue today and it is such a WOW gorgeous color! :yes: I am tempted, but am thinking I might have problems finding things to wear it with.

    Since there are a lot of people here who I'm sure are more fashion savvy than me
    , :shame: would you share the types of outfits you will wear your fab purple reissue with (and maybe the size reissue you are getting)? ;)
  2. That's exactly why I won't buy one. I cannot imagine what I would wear with it. its so beautiful though!!

    Good luck:tup:
  3. I think it goes very well with the colors in my wardrobe. :yes: Black, obviously, but it also looks stunning with grays/charcoal, and I love it with red.
  4. it might be a better bag for winter/fall when you'll always have a coat on! the color is amazing though.
  5. Oh! And taupe/browns I think too.
  6. A lot of my wardrobe is black/grey/taupe so I think the purple will go well but the Navy and/or the silver ones are very tempting too.
  7. It will look nice with yellows too. I think if you just think outside the box a little, purple can go with quite a bit and look fantastic!
  8. Thanks for your answers! It would look great with neutrals and it is such a nice color. Hmmmmmm....
  9. in the summer i'd wear it with my white or ivory linen ensembles, too. but gah i 'm not getting a purple reissue. i just wanted to chime in b/c this is a good question--i wondered the same thing when i saw the swatch in the lookbook.
  10. Yeah, I was just thinking about how cute it will look with my little white sundresses and a white tank and jeans in the summer... :shame:
  11. i will wear it with black n grey n white color dresses mostly which i have lot of them and i will be wearing this bag for my chinese new year day dress which has mix colors of fuschia n magenta n black. n i will wear my magenta louboutin haha my bag hasnt even arrive yet.

    anyway my point is as long as u love the bag, you will make your outfit revolves around your bag! i do!
  12. ^oooooh speaking of chinese new year, wouldn't this purple reissue look fab as a clutch while wearing a rich emerald or peacock green silk cheongsam?? wahh...why am i not on a waitlist somewhere!
  13. (I've seen your wonderful thread, too) - and you should be a stylist!
  14. I just swooned at the thought of these color combos! :love: I forgot about that. I remember always loving the color purple when paired with peacock green, teal or emerald.
  15. I have other purple bags, and that color seems to go with almost everything I own. I do wear a lot of neutrals, and I look to my colored bags for a pop of color.