purple polish appreciation society

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  1. there has been talk of starting colour specific threads, so i thought i'd join the green thread / red thread gang and start a purple polish photo thread - woo!

    here are some pics to get things started:

    butter london - HRH by audreyeleven, on Flickr

    butter london - marrow by audreyeleven, on Flickr

    butter london - keeker by audreyeleven, on Flickr

    butter london - stroppy by audreyeleven, on Flickr

    butter london - toff by audreyeleven, on Flickr

    butter london - branwen's feather by audreyeleven, on Flickr

    butter london - no more waity, katie by audreyeleven, on Flickr

    butter london - muggins by audreyeleven, on Flickr
  2. oh i love this!
  3. Uh-oh this thread is gonna start some serious lemmings for me....
  4. Pure Purple Polish Porn! :woohoo::woot::dothewave::woot::woohoo:
  5. I love this thread and purple polish!! Thanks Audrey.

    Seeing them all together like this makes me realise I need more!!
  6. Purple is my favorite!
  7. lol Finally a thread where i can talk about my true love. lol I have a question how similiar in color would you say Dior's Purple Mix is to RBL Mismas? Because i have Mismas so i'm not really sure if i really need another dark purple creme that is similiar, especially as i'm going to get Forget Me not.

    I don't have a large collection of polish compared to some :graucho:, just under 150 polishes, but i would say at least 80% of my collection is various shades of purple.
  8. Mine too :smile:

    Julep Gayle
  9. LOVE that Butter London HRH! A. England Lady Of The Lake is another great purple polish...don't have any pics of it though; I apparently forgot to snap a pic the last time I used it.
  10. I still haven't gotten into purple polish... I own none! I love the more muted purple colors though, or vampies... Maybe I should try a lilac?
  11. Sorry but no purple polish:??? This does not compute, how is that possible?

    Hmm well if you want something vampy you could try Orly's Fowl Play, it's dark but it's still got brightness too it because of the flakies, another vampy purple that i love is another Orly called Plum Noir which is similiar to Cult Nails Vicious.