Purple(plum) caviar classic - what do you think?

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  1. ladies...what do you think?
    There was a medium blue one too....
    I am not sure if I can wear this purple one often....but I think it's a definetely a keeper since it's a season edition.....

    It's medium size, caviar leather...
    How would you feel about the blue one? purple is a nice color, but it's hard to match.

    I also chose the caviar leather 'cause I scratch things easily......:sweatdrop:
    But I thought that the color was just a little prettier in lamb skin..it looked slightly softer....

    Opinions please, all you Chanel experts out there~!
    chanel purple.JPG
  2. Beautiful bag in a beautiful color!!! I also like the light blue one. . . tough choice!
  3. That's fantastic! I love that color! I saw it in the e/w style and was so close to getting it if I would have been able to fit my wallet in it.
  4. finally one answer~! thanks SMT!
    I am in a dillema....I got the one in purple(is it same as violet or plum?) in caviar, but I am dying for a cornflower blue(I think that's what it's called).....

  5. That is a beautiful bag!!!
  6. I love that colour! You are so lucky you have it because they do not even stock it in London!

    I would go for wahtever colour you prefer...carry it out and if you are still thinking about the blue than you should exchange it for the blue.
  7. Love it!! I personally would take this any day over the blue (but that's because I don't really like blue bags) - the purple is so rich and different to me!
  8. I love the purple!
  9. I love the purple.
  10. i love the purple, esp in caviar (i prefer it over the lambskin in purple)!
  11. i personally like the purple better, it just really pops no matter what you're wearing! and purple probably matches clothes a little better somehow...

    however i agree with you that i prefer the purple color in lambskin. clkgirl's purple lambskin looks a lot "brighter"...i've seen the cornflower blue in person and that color looks better in caviar...
  12. hi rayrayray
    i've been looking for this bag everywhere. may i know where you got it?
    sure i prefer this color over the blue... :smile:
  13. oh rayray i'm in the same boat as you. I can't make up my mind if i want the flap inthe caviar in violet. I just love the color and I think the color will go with a lot of different things. And like you said that color was just made for this year so after that no more violet. I say keep it.

    i have not seen the blue
  14. purple, purple, purple!!!!

    while I think the blue is absolutely pretty, the purple just POPS. I loveee the purple!!!
  15. I love love love the purple!
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