Purple Pigalle Bay came home today...

  1. :yahoo:Well girls, I did it:wlae:. Check out the photos. Isn't she pretty :love:?
    And now, I am 100% officially and with no excuses :banned: until further notice :yes:!
    chloe purple 3.jpg chloe purple 2.jpg chloe purple 1.jpg
  2. Wow - that's one stunning bag! Finally some good news! Congrats :smile:
  3. OMG! That is like the most beautiful colour I have seen:nuts::love:
    It is much more beautiful than the pics I have seen online of pigalle. It is darker than I thought. I want one too now:s Not sure if I can allow myself one more bay though or I would have to put myself on a ban after that:push: Might be worth it though.
    I love that there is a purple face next to the topic name by the way:lol:
  4. WOW that is soo pretty, I LOVE the color!!

  5. Wow, that is absolutely stunning! What a lovely addition to have in your collection. I'm really starting to want a Bay now...

    Could we work out joint custody?? :lol:
  6. Oh girlfriend, oh my GOSH wow; I can't believe this but I'm speechless. The color is not what I thought?? It's better!!!

    If you're going to go on purse ban this is the purse to do it with. Full retail smeeshtail!!

    I LOVE IT!:heart::heart:
  7. OMG...as I fall off my chair! This bag is just stunning to no end:love:....it looks fabulous set against the black.

    REALLY REALLY TDF.:okay: Worth every retails penny you paid for it!
  8. TOTALLY BREATHTAKING. Worth getting kicked out of the CLUB for. I am speechless with WANT. I must have it!!! But now I am totally confused colorwise? THIS looks like a cross between what I thought was pigalle and also what I thought was violet. Whatever it is - aaaaahhhaaadroolaaaaa
  9. I second that confusion!!! I wonder if there is a difference afterall?
  10. WOW!!! That baby is FABULOUS!!!!! I love the color... Congrats
  11. Oh,Tag! That is fantastic! Good things really do come to those who wait LOL
  12. Holy Moly , that bag is AMAZING...... and after the week you've been having, nobody deserves her more than YOU!!!
    Enjoy that delicious bag girl! Work it!
  13. Congrats, Tag. After that eBay fiasco, you really deserve this!!

    Now, US Chloe ladies, just saw that bag irl at Chloe boutique, so it is available for about $1780. There are 3 more bay styles coming in purple. The regular bay, patent Bay as shown on Saks.com, and a wider size quilted bay with double pockets. Also, one more shade of purple coming next month, color is called "prune", more pinkish than this one. I better start saving up....
  14. Congrats Tag! You must feel SOOOOOOOOO much better now. You continue to inspire me with your Rock Star Chloe Bay lifestyle!!!
  15. Dang it, I'm really loving this bag. I didn't really want to like it.

    I'm SOOOOO happy you got your true love Tag!

    Looks Fantastic! I'm jealous (but that's a good thing).