Purple Patent YSL Tote Spotted in Vegas!

  1. Good day everyone~

    I in in need of some help in finding a bag. I was recently in Las Vegas and was lounging at the pool at the Bellagio when I spotted a gorgeous dark (!!) purple patent leather YSL large tote.
    When I asked where the woman had aquired this bag, she told me to look at the YSL store at the hotel (and I did) but did not see it in the color purple. :sad:
    Does ANYONE know of where I can find one of these gorgeous bags??? HELP!!!
    The price on the large bag was only 895 and the smaller tote was somewhere around 740>

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! (my hubby wants to get me one for my bday!)

    Thanks in Advance :smile:
  2. is it like the one on raffaello network? It's a tribute, I think it's really a cool bag!
  3. I purchased the same tote at Bergdorf's earlier this summer, but ended up returning it. You should call them or a YSL boutique and see if they can track it down for you.

    Good luck!
  4. I know that the tribute has been a hot item. Try calling your SA and see if they can special order it. Doesn't the patent come in the croc quilt and the crinkled patent? I wondering if the purple comes in both styles?
  5. I think the purple patent came only in the "crinkled" version. Give the YSL store at the South Coast Plaza store--ask for Karissa--she's very nice!

    Their number is 714.429.0101--good luck!