Purple patent to black?

  1. I saw a beautiful pair of Prada pumps in purple patents. There is no way i can paint them black, is there? Thanks
  2. I could be wrong but I don't think you can die/paint patent. Maybe you should find out if the shoe came in black and hunt it down.
  3. Patent has a plastic coating, so it is the color it is. Purple could be hot, though...
  4. I think purple is cool in an unexpected, vampy way.
  5. I don't really think you can change the colour of patent, but I love the sound of those Prada shoes, i have been looking for the perfect pair of purple pumps and patent just makes them sound even more beautiful, do you have any pics or links to those shoes? :smile:
  6. Brasilian Babe: sorry I have no link. I saw them in store.