Purple patent Mary Janes?!

  1. Girls, I just got these shoes from Zappos... Im in love with patent and with purple at the moment, and they are such a rich, deep shade of purple- so gorgeous! My question is, is dark purple fairly neutral? I have some purple in my wardrobe, but I dont think enough to justify these shoes... where are my enablers and creative fashionistas?! What can I wear with these besides purple? TIA! :p
  2. I think dark purple is the new black! OK, kidding...but I do think it's very neutral in winter. These are so dark they almost appear black from the patent. I don't think you need purple in your wardrobe for these, what about shades of dark brown, or grey, or even the old standby of all black with these shoes and a popping flash of color bag.
    I love mary janes so they wouldn't be leaving my closet. :biggrin:
  3. OMG! I may just scoop them up for myself! They would look awesome with my Plum Stam :smile: Definitely keep them!
  4. I agree -- gray, which is everywhere this season, would look great with those shoes. And they are such a dark purple, they would go with almost anything.

    I'm looove Mary Janes. So cute!
  5. ooooh- thanks, ladies! I think I might just wear them tomorrow- with a purple B-bag! :yes:
  6. I like those shoes! I think you could wear them with black, grey, and other purples.
  7. I bought these Carlos Santanas in purple -- I paid $50 for them, so they are not a major investment. But I like them and I think the color is so hot.