Purple patent Bayswater!

  1. I am totally loving this bag! However I saw a magenta patent one in Bicestera while ago and the patent had all wrinkled on the top of the flap which did not look good! Also, would this be very delicate like Louis Vuitton's Vernis line? Is all patent prone to transfers etc? Has anyone seen it in real life? How bright purple is it? Thanks:smile:
  2. I'd love to know as well what this bag looks like in person. It looks really hot in the ads!
    Do you think it would fade? I have an LV Houston that faded or most likely oxidized from light neutral blue to aqua...luckily it did this completely evenly, but I'm still annoyed it faded at all!
  3. It's absolutely stunning. They had it at Madison Avenue and I fell head over heels for the color, which is also being used for the Mabel (both sizes).

    I think you need to be careful with just about any patent but it's not too terribly delicate. Are we going to start a purple patent club?
  4. There is only one pueple mabel on the web? Does patent in general oxidise and change colour? Or is that just the LV vernis?
  5. I don't know the answer but that's a good question! I know white patent has a tendency to yellow but again, I'm not sure why, it's just been my "experience" with
    white. I'm going to google patent and see what pops up and if it's anything newsworthy
    I'll post back here.
  6. Here you go courtesy of Wilipedia

    Interesting...the patent leather process goes back to 1818 and in New Jersey, USA...who knew?
    Modern patent leather usually has a plastic coating. Minor scratches and scuff marks in the coating itself can be removed using one of several special-purpose patent leather and poromeric cleaners on the market. With wear and tear, patent leather will eventually lose its glossy finish, but will still be smoother than most other types of leather, looking almost rubbery.

    This site is also interesting but since they are selling products to maintain your patent leather, I don't know if there's any truth to their claims. http://www.urad.org/support/FAQ_patent_leather.cfm
  7. It might be a good idea to check with Mulberry customer service to find out whether their warranty covers pre-mature yellowing (i.e., within the first 2 years). That way you'll have some comfort because salespeople will not always tell the truth or know the answer to questions like this.

    The A/W lookbook at the shop showed purple patent Mabel in both small and large. Again, contact customer service if you want verification.