Purple or Metallic Magenta?!


Which one?

  1. Purple one

  2. Metallic Magenta one

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Based solely on the pictures below- which one would you keep if you were forced too?
    pics.jpg violet.jpg
  2. Purple Balenciaga for sure! Magenta is very pretty, but Metallic Magenta hurts my eyes.
  3. ^--- lol~ sorry the picture overexposed.
  4. The purple will go with almost everything, but the metallic magenta will be much more limiting.
  5. Thanks! But I don't consider my wardrobe when I wear my bags- I wear them with fleece jackets and ugg boots mostly. Well then again- all my jackets are mostly black. :shrugs:

    I'm just struck by the Metallic's leather and the Violet's color- why can't I have both! Metallic Violet!!!!!
  6. That would be an interesting combo! I voted for the violet. The metallic magenta screamed diva to me...
  7. the magenta metallic is wayy too bright for my taste. i think the purple one would go with more things and you will be able to carry it for a long time.
  8. Violet :heart:
  9. I like them both, but the purple one is probably more useful (as in easier to match) and also slightly more trendy at the moment. Although... not too trendy, its classic at the same time, if that makes any sense!
  10. It does make sense- thank you ladies~!

    If rarity were to play in - the metallic one is far rarer.
  11. The purple will go much further for you in the long run. You may like the metallic momentarily, but for a Balenciaga I would part with the metallic.
  12. Def. the purple!!
  13. The metallic magenta doesn't seem practical at all. The purple one is a LOT more versatile, understated and classic (but still totally fun). My vote is definitely for purple! :yes:
  14. Violet!!! I want it! :drool:
  15. Purple! I want one, too...:yes: