Purple or Gray Croc Audrey?

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  1. Any thoughts? I got the gray and the matching wallet last PCE but with all these photos....well I think I want the purple now(its on hold 4 me at my outlet) Which would you choose?
  2. Purple, I bought the grey originally but exchanged out for the purple instead
  3. Purple. But would say that for almost anything.

    Is it a tanger outlet? If so you could get a steal on that bag and if you like the style you will probably use it.
  4. No coupon for me :sad: but I can get a PA if a coupon comes out next week.
  5. Definitely purple. The grey is pretty, but it's just so neutral. The purple really stands out IMO. If you can, get them both :P
  6. I need one of those money trees some of the tPFers have been talking about!
  7. I think you can't go wrong with either....I love the purple but chose the grey. It goes well with my wardrobe...and I think with the right colors...both can stand out.
  8. any mod pics?
  9. I have the purple which goes with more of my wardrobe...though the grey is pretty, I think the purple stands out more.
  10. I would mostly carry it when going out at night and most of my going out clothes are black. Maybe the purple would be a better choice.
  11. Purple
  12. I would say keep your gray audrey.
  13. I just got the purple, but I have that bone (which to me is light gray) embossed carryall, so thats why I wanted this one in purple. They are both awesome - I saw a gray one at my outlet last weekend and it was gorgeous as well. Id probably go with the one you can score at the outlet and save some $$!
  14. I got my gray 40% off because of a repair on another bag...do you think the outlet will let me keep the discount if I exchange?
  15. I have and like the gray better but for a sale price I would get the purple too :O)