Purple or Blue Birkin: which has staying power?

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  1. I'm hoping dear tPFers could help me decide on a color for my next B. I'd like a bright color either in the blue family like blue electrique/mykonos or in the purple family like iris/ultra violet. I have clothing in all shades from orange, red, pink, purple and neutrals like black, gray, cream, beige (not a lot of green though). The bag doesn't necessarily have to match my outfits as I can always carry other bags.

    My dilemma is that I want a B in a color that I'll be happy with for a long time. I collect and keep my bags even those that I no longer carry. But if I were to carry this B years down the road, I don't want the color to be outdated. Is blue better than purple or vice versa as more of a classic color choice? What do you think?
  2. I think both colors are classic. Personally, I think both navy and dark purple are neutrals. I feel that dark purple is a more modern neutral. I have a dark purple down jacket that every time I wear it, people stop me to say that they like it. I prefer purple, but I don't think you will go wrong with either color.
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  3. I feel as if blue is a little more neutral (even a bright stunning blue like mykonoe or blue electric) and will have more staying partner. The bright purples seem more trendy to me (and I love bright purple) but raisin and prune definitely have longevity.

  4. +1
  5. Personally I would choose blue...... Tends to go better with more color tones!
  6. I feel like blues have more staying power..but then again it really depends on how you feel towards those two colors. Which in your eyes will be timeless..5yrs, 10yrs, 20yrs down the line?? Sometimes it's really hard to say what you will love a year from now, but either blue or purple, pick a shade that will work with your lifestyle and wardrobe..
  7. Where do you live? is there a true winter there? Then Purple or Bleu Electrique. You can definitely use those all year.
  8. I would say blue has more staying power than purple shades...
  9. I agree with the majority here and feel that blue will have longer staying power over the years.
  10. Either color could be a forever color, which would work better with your personal color palate?

    For me, purple the the hands down choice and is my forever color

    Purple vs Blue is really a personal choice
  11. I agree with the post above..

    I love blues and therefore I vote for blue...

    But I think that both blue and purple... both in dark shades can go a long way.

  12. I totally agree!! (Though my fave color is pink - LOL!!) As between blue and purple, for me it is purple every time, but they both are a great non-typical neutral. Good luck!!
  13. Pick the color that makes your heart skip a beat the first time you see it....you will always love it. Then think hard about the style/size bag that "works" for your lifestyle in that color. You can't go wrong.

    I love blue and purple and have bags in both. They all get lots of use:smile:
  14. I would for sure pick purple. Hermes has so many old and new blues all the time. They will go in and out more quickly, like Blue Jean, Mykonos which were the "best" blue at the time and then later on not so much. Because H infrequently issues new purples, any nice purple shade does not as much become "ich dun sink so." Even years later, iris, violet, crocus, parme, ultraviolet...all still very popular and desired.
  15. My choice is purple hands down!
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