purple or black


which would you choose?

  1. black lambskin medium with new chain?

  2. purple caviar medium?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Need to pick one:

    1. black lambskin medium with new chain

    2. purple caviar medium
  2. purple caviar! btw, does chanel still sell it?
  3. Black for me, more verstaile IMHO
  4. purple caviar!
  5. Black!
  6. purple is winning so far..please keep the votes coming. their is a girl in my neighboorhood that is selling me her purple caviar medium flap for a good price...
  7. If it's the same violet shade that I've seen, I would get the purple caviar in a heartbeat. So hard to find!!
  8. if that's the case, then def the purple caviar. you can always find a black flap anytime. i'm soooo jealous! hehe :yes:
  9. I am trying to collect all three sizes that were out.

    1. east west purple
    2. purple med
    3. purple jumbo lambskin

    I already have the purple lambskin jumbo.

    lainie63- its the same shade as the one that was recently on eBay and the same color as some of the other members lambskin jumbo.
  10. The bag is amazing in any color but I'm all for the one that's more uncommon.
    Purple it is.
  11. I voted for the purple!
  12. Purple for me too!! You can always buy black, but not purple! :smile:
  13. Purple. Black is available all the time.
  14. Purple!
  15. black! more versatile!