Purple Nurple...

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  1. Yeah, I said it.

    Look what came in the mail today! Some guy named Marc Jacobs dropped this off while I was at the zoo and eating cupcakes!


    How come all my packages strip? One day they'll learn.


    What's uppppp purple Blake??


    And here's a better picture since the flash on my camera stinks and it is nighttime =)

  2. Its yummy!!!! Congrats!!
  3. OMG! so many awesome reveals today!!! eek! i LURVE purple!! such a gorgeous shade and a blake no less....GAH! it's wonderful! it's beautiful! it's magic!
  4. OMG... I LOVE THAT.. and purple is my favvv color!
  5. Love the purple and love the Blake. Great score!
  6. LOVE!
  7. Scooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore!
    Luv it rachie!!!!!
  8. :woohoo: Congrats! I love your beautiful blake, what a beautiful yummy colour!
  9. HOORAY another Blake!! See, aren't you glad you decided to get it, rachie? It's beautiful! Congrats, and have fun carrying her!
  10. that leather looks yummy!!
    and what a pretty summer color!!
  11. i've got butterflies in my stomach!! that bag is de-gorgeous!!! Love love love it!! so glad you picked this one up. Congrats!!
  12. The color is AMAZING! Will certainly add a 'pop' of color to any outfit. Congrats!
  13. Ohhhhh, that color is delicious!!! Loves!!!!:love:
  14. congrats!!!!! so many great reveals lately, yowsa!
  15. That looks good enough to eat! The leather looks so rich! Fabulosity!!!!!!!!!